Great idea.  Get me off the couch and take more interesting photos.

I like this! A lot! Just downloaded the app and I must say it looks very promising! It offers photo-missions just for fun and creativity. Who else is using it? Let's connect!

The first post

Looks like I'm the first one in here. I watched yesterday's "The Grid" and your app really looks like a big deal.
I've mentioned it in yesterday's live-chat already: I think providing a "self-timer" feature inside the app would be mind-blowing. Think about a special DO category for self-timers:

- set the timer to 10 seconds and hand your phone to the person next to you
- set the timer to 10 seconds and hand your phone to your kid.

Those features would probably work best using the front-facing camera as it would shoot the person holding the phone, not really realising what's going on.

I can't wait to run the app next week. I obviously would be more than happy to test it beforehand but I understand you only have a limited number of beta-tester licenses available from Apple.

Way to go guys.
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