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Character Profile Template
Name (/full) - [Required]
Gender and sexuality - [Required]
Age - [Optional]
Class/ Occupation - [Required] (e.g. Journalist, Paladin, e.t.c.)
Weapons - [Optional]
Skills - [Optional]
Brief description - [Required]
Home - [Optional; could be unknown]
Faction/ Group/ Army - [Optional]

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it actually worked for me, i was kissed (i didn't want the kiss part to happen but oh well)

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Character's Appearance - Dan Shinozaki

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Battle Theme(When fighting against zombies)

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Rage Theme(When fought against in Rage Form)

(Yuki is walking around Los Peridos. He sees Dan Shinozaki, but he doesn't recognize him. He double dropkicks down a nearby zombie, and slices 5 more to pieces)
"Well, I guess this is perfect for satisfying my bloodlust."

Name: Harrison "Yuki" Satcher
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Looks in his early 20s)
Class Occupation: Swordmaster
Weapon: Flame Sword, Broadsword
Skills: ???
"Wishing to help those in need, and immune to the zombie virus, Yuki is here to kill zombies and help survivors."
Home: West Palm Beach, Florida

(Now for some things that weren't listed)

Clothes: Blue Hoodie, Khaki Shorts, Sneakers.
Eye Color: Brown(Flashing Red and Blue in Rage Form)
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: Peach(Skin of an irl white person)
Height: 5'7(Actual IRL height. I'm a pretty tall dude XD)

He can be fought against in a psychopath Battle(But he isn't actually insane, he just wants to stop you if you're fighting him), but he proves to be one of the hardest psychopaths to kill in the series(Rivalled only by Sullivan from DR2, oh god, fuck that bastard ;-;)

(When in Rage Form, his hands are in his pockets, his weapons are sheathed)

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(Ugh, third time redoing this one.)
Battle Theme(When Fought Against)

Dan is in the main area of Los Perdidos, searching for sufficient amounts of Zombrex- to give to a friend of his.

Dan: [Hm. What on earth is this 'Zombrex'; from what location can I gather some of it?]

The crown prince is encountered by somebody.
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