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The Three Orders
1: Hunters (Neutral Group)
-Leader Mira Winters
2: Thorn's fist (Evil Group)
-Leader Jacob Crosby
3: Baleraj's Canis (Good Group)
-Leader Valdez Angeliness
Guidelines: I need one of each an Good Group, an Evil group, and a Neutral Group.

Good Group- Works with and helps humans survive.
Quote "Devils above, that's all we hate is the god, because all he does is take."

Evil Group- Hates any and all creatures that help the humans
Quote "We kill the filth beneath us, in order to please him above."

Neutral Group- Does not hate or care for the humans, they hunt all
Quote "We are the top of the food chain and we fear nothing but our god, Thorn"

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begins to manipulate the water in the area

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A large group of humans are moving north to a new location to hide
We need to hurry before where spotted!
+Valdez Angeliness +Jacob Crosby 
(Ok you two, as a god i will try and take part in this)

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Name: Peresus

Age: 18

Gender: male

Bio: was abandoned by his parents and was forced to grow up on his own and learn to fend for himself he realized he had control over water and used it to protect himself

Ability: water manipulation

Species: Human


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Ladies and Gentlemen
We Launch in
Go RP's are a go and please invite 
and yes this is thorn when he's happy

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name:Alice "Gold" Jade
look:in human form)black hair, gold eyes (in wolf form) brown hair, gold eyes)
weapons:(both forms) wrist mounted dual hidden blades, wrist mounter single shot pistol, crossbow, dagger, altair's longsword,throwing knives, distractive noise bombs
abilities:expert climber,,masterful hidden blade user, , expert swordswoman, loyal, Mastered the ways of the assassin.
bio:Alice is the daughter of Altair himself, she became a master assassin, one day she got a hold of the Apple of Edin, which transported her to this realm, quick at adapting she easily gets acquainted to her surroundings and is struggling with choosing to be a Templar or Assassin, in the meantime, she makes it her goal to protect humanity.
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Name: Thorn
Species: God
Age: Uncharted
Looks: He appears as he pleases
Weapons: A sword 
Ability: No limits
Bio: Thorn is the God of Oblivion and you better believe it. Ether you bow or become dust. Thorn Watches over the world helping keep balance in all forces and kills those who "try" to do harm to him.
To be honest Thorn is one massively OP demon that was released from his prison along time ago, after his release he turned and destroyed the world; then recreated it.
Quote "I am Thorn your creator and since you where dumb enough  to attack me I am now your destroyer."

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name: baleraj
age: 17 winters
gender: male
powers: can communicate with humans heals others
personality: sweet and kind
bio: he stays hidden in the mountains for his life

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Species:deathknight (elf)
Alliance:Thorns Fist
look:(human form, red hair, light blue eyes) (wolf form:purple hair,glowing blue eyes)
weapons:(in human form) two litch well forged ice crystal swords (in wolf form) Litch Excalibur
abilities:frost magic, soul stealing
bio:with her master, the litch king, himself dead, and with years before he will come back, Frostbite looks to find followers and create a team to combat those who threaten the return of the Litch king, before he died he gave Frostbite one power, the ability to turn into a litch wolf
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