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Have an Internet business idea. Questions are welcome.

For over 2 months I’ve been working on a business model that will change how we value the internet. We’re investing our time and efforts into creating more valuable real estate online. I have been working with a few people to create an economic foundation that is flexible enough to do this.
What we have done was create a way to turn the internet into a commodity that can be sold to consumers for cheaper than buying direct. How we do that is we have contracts that are other companies that bring in revenue. We then use this revenue to create a new market and you just pay us the handling fee. It’s guaranteed to be cheaper than buying direct from the ISP’s. They get their money and we get ours. Our primary job is finding the most compatible businesses that can buy your internet service. The more companies that are involved, the cheaper your handling fee. That’s a percentage of our profits. We use this profit to create more products and services. We are wanting to get into website creation and domain names as add-ons to your internet service. To know more business name idea. Click here:

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I have a good business idea. If you are thing about your first start business. Please follow my tips. We found a pretty extensive step by step guide on the How to Name a Business A Step-by-Step Guide.we are giving you a good idea after two days of individual brainstorming we come up with a relevant title and matching domain. To know more visit:
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