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Name: Nepeta Leijon
Age: 6 sw33ps
Trollian: arsenicCatnip
Strife Specibus: ClawKind
Likes: cats, her meowrail, mostly efurrybody, tea, hunting, and shipping of course!
Dislikes: the sound of honks (it gives her bad memories), she doesn't dislike much.
God Tier: Rouge of Heart
Typing Quirk: :33 < might you please save your weapon furr the most fl33ting moments?
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ok i guess i should post some rules.
1: i dont care about romance rps or anything. do wahtever you want
2: make a troll, human or humanstuck character. NOT HUSSIE!!!! you may not be andrew hussie. he may go to hell.
3: include a picture of your character.
4: trollian/ pesterchum handle; age;  weapon/strife specibus; likes; dislikes;  god tier title;  typing quirk; 

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