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Welcome to my community comrades
Here are some rules for the community.

1) be fair

2) no godmodding

3) no cussing

4) only use tech that was in the times this community will of course start the time in 1945 after the Surrender of the Empire of Japan

5) Alternative history will be allowed

6) you must make a profile before you start

7) no invasions for 12 hours from the time you joined the community

8) Custom countries will be allowed since this will also include alternative history just as long as it make sense and we will go beyond 1991 depending how long the Cold War will take

9) No one is allowed to be Soviet Union I called it

So with that have fun comrades

P.S I will be updating this once in a while so no unpinning unless I say so

(because this community is ded) ayy lmaos arrive onto earth, they send all humans to live in australia and any who resist are transformed into ayy lmaos

the ayy LMAO's quit there conquest of earth and turns the moon into an earth like planet with breathable oxygen

+Phel'an Zaad *the ayy lmaos attack the USA due to them being egotistical dicks*

the ayy lmaos plan to colonise mars

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what about this for a three way mage cold war?
normal nato and ussr (i think)
and the new untied celtic nations captial dublin
(just want to know what you think)

Country's name: United nature of Celtics (unc) (there a group of country's that worship nature and use 100% green energy)

Country's size: it controls Africa Australia the south Chinese sea, Iberia, India, Mexico, paru and capital Ireland

Enemies: ussr

Army size: 1 Billion strong

Allies: the NATO Country's (until the ussr is drstoryed) 

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Country Name: French-British Empire
Country Size: Small-UK Big/Medium-France
Enemies: USSR and it allies.
Allies: none so far
Army Size: 2,000,000 (With both of their pre union thing Army combined)

What open?

the N.R.E. captures all of Italy.
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