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The Weaver's Space - New Community for RapidWeaver Users

I would like to introduce my latest side project. Its an all new community just for us! I am really excited about this. Its a going to be a place that we can rely on for years to come. Head over and register today and start posting!

Will Weaver's Space replace this G+ group?
Yes. However, I will keep this group 100% in tact for historical searching purposes. The new community is much nicer and has built in search as well. 

By the end of March, I would like to have no new posts on this group. Please start posting over at Weaver's Space. 

Is there an iOS app?
Its in the works!

Can anyone recommend e-commerce stacks or plugins that would allow the client to content manage their online store?

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Just wanted to pre-announce and my plans to offer fully functional complete Foundation Projects in the next couple of weeks. 

These will be complete web site Projects with multiple different configuration and design layout options.  The overall idea is to provide a complete web site to those who find the Foundation blank page a daunting or time consuming way to build a web site.  Using a pre configured  site retains the total freedom of a Foundation layout but starts with a working  layout that can be edited, moved about, etc..

The Projects will be of value to new users to demonstrate how Foundation is put together and how to get the most out of the the most creative and useful stacks available.  There will be additional demos showing pre configured stacks such as Impact, Total/EasyCMS, MovingBox, Post Office, Parallax as well as the BWD stacks (too many to even remember).  Everything will be documented and that's what is eating up all my time at the moment.

The minimum requirements will be RW6, Stacks3, Foundation Starter Pack and BWD's stacks.

I'm hoping that experienced web designer's will also appreciate the time saving and rapid prototyping advantages of using a a pre-configured layout containing building blocks to cherry pick from.  It can be a speedy way to present an idea to a client to define the final solution.  

Each Project will contain multiple modules each containing many pre configured stacks.  I have created a page showing some example modules of the type of building blocks that often form a web site introduction to services, products, employee bios, etc at .  Most of these demos showcase Andrew's HeaderPro and ParagraphPro.

Feel free to ask any questions and there is also a newsletter to sign up to, to get regular updates.

Thanks, Gary

Reveal Lightbox -> is CSS possible to set a max width?

Hi, Almost finished my site, but I;m having a problem with TCMS, I have 10 events within a Tabulous stack, each one has an image (i.e. E1image, E2image....etc). I also use a Toggle to either show or hide those images on either the Events Page of my site or Both the Events Page and Home page banner. For some reason when I have saved and then returned after visiting another admin page an image appears where there should be none. Does anybody have any idea why this may be happening. Just to let you know the image appearing is not in the cms-data ....E10image folder either.

Hi everyone, i am just putting my final touches to my foundation site which I have working on and off for a while.

I am after advice on a what to use for my BLOG! I have always used Blogger - but i see Joe workman has the Tumblr plugin/stack which I have been recommended in the past. But that was a while back, so is this still the best option for Foundation and is it pretty solid in Foundation.

If anyone can send me a link to blogs in their foundation site this will be great. 

The only down side I have seen with Tumblr is I have a lot of older blogs I want to cut and paste into the tumblr one but from what I can see there is now no way to backdate these.

Thanks again all.

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Header Pro is now released
This is streets ahead of HeaderPlus both in what it can do and also how super efficient it is.

You should start using this in preference to Header Plus immediately. 
Header Plus will be deprecated in the next update - as ever, existing instances will still work and be editable but it will no longer appear in your library.

I got that book about html & css I ordered. The best thing I bought in a long time. Such a clear, good read. Can't put it down.I never thought it would be like that. Very well designed. Thanks for recommending it to me. (you know who you are).

Feature request for Total CMS / Easy CMS:

The ability to display a generic message when a cms stack on the admin page hasn't been filled in by the client. It now displays "Unable to locate the cms file with the id...". This can now only be done with images (missing action). Would be great if this can be done for text etc.

Something like: "More coming soon..."
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