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The Weaver's Space - New Community for RapidWeaver Users

I would like to introduce my latest side project. Its an all new community just for us! I am really excited about this. Its a going to be a place that we can rely on for years to come. Head over and register today and start posting!

Will Weaver's Space replace this G+ group?
Yes. However, I will keep this group 100% in tact for historical searching purposes. The new community is much nicer and has built in search as well. 

By the end of March, I would like to have no new posts on this group. Please start posting over at Weaver's Space. 

Is there an iOS app?
Its in the works!

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I thought I had made every mistake you could make with Rapidweaver and Foundation. Not so fast. Today, I discovered I have my export folder, but can't locate my .rw. Is there someway to recreate the .rw from these files without having to rebuild my entire site.

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Did you know you can get 25% off for RapidWeaver projects, if you use the sharing tool on the shop page?

Quick question for those much smarter than I..can I set a foundation button to call a cell phone? I wanted to have a "call now" button for my website since most are viewing from a mobile device.

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Enjoying Caerphilly, very lucky to be living here...

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Xojo 2016 Release 4 is now available for download !

This release includes some long anticipated Windows features! With a total of 129 improvements and 9 new features, 2016r4 includes:

Windows users can now build HiDPI apps
HiDPI version of the IDE for Windows

Graphics on Windows are now hardware accelerated for improved drawing speed

Windows builds now have a setting to automatically include Universal Windows Runtime DLLs

Easily convert Pictures (in Desktop and Web projects) to Image Sets

Learn more...

Really enjoying our new life, new home and new office in Caerphilly, Wales... Such a great place :)

Foundation - Top Bar - Increase Logo size?

I was wondering if there is any way in top bar to increase the logo size?

It seems a little small, but I can't find any options to change it?

Thanks in advance :)


Foundation - Top Bar font size

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help. This seems like it must be a silly question but I'm now to foundation and can't find what I'm looking for.

I trying to create a new website using the foundation theme and stacks.

I'm using the top bar and can not for the life of me work out how to get the page heading to go larger. I've managed to change the font itself, but I would like the text way larger!

Could anyone help me out?
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