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Okay guys, listen. Lately, with the large amount of joins we've obtained, I have been seeing some people not putting their posts in the right categories. This is especially common among the people posting about requests.

Whether you make a request or are offering to do requests, put your post in the right category. This shows that people are not looking at the categories, and are just assuming the discussion category is the correct place to put these things. It is not.

The moderators are doing a great job of accepting members, but are doing terribly at actually enforcing order. Some may even be placing posts in the wrong categories themselves, and if they continue not being responsible, I will have to demote them.

Further problems will result in your posts being removed/you receiving warnings.

Thank you,
Rainy Hope - Owner

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decided to post all my pegasi bebs
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This is Prince Solitaire.
He rules over a few kindoms outside of Equestria: the Spades, Cloves, Diamonds, and Hearts. This is one of the reasons why he has two different cutie marks and unusually shaped freckles. He was destined to unite the kingdom's and keep them safe.

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Been working on other projects but now I'm back and ready to do some stuff with you guys
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Name Rhapsody Drift
Nickname Rhap
Gender Mare
Age 17
Race Pegasus
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Moop new OC

Whoa 202 members!? Thank you guys!!!

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Hi! I'm new here! I'm a little shy...

Hey rainy could we have a holiday art contest
Here's the idea:
'Christmas' themed deer pony :3
Each person takes their deer oc and make it look festive for the holidays

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I made a adopt based on the sun rise I saw before I want to work
She is best offer points on Deviantart
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