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The last living moderator comes out of his vault to overlook the wasteland that is this community circa 2077
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My Undertale Oc Kai The Skeleton

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I have send a message to 5 people but they didn't reply to for 2 day now. Stealing ,Liar and been a fake is very bad ideas to do some i send it already take it down ,These who not reply to me are +Ichimatsu Matsuno +Ƈιηηαмση Rσll +Trinity Melody (homestuck OC)
+Alexy The Skeleton. +Alexy Skeleton +Alexy Skeleton +Alexia NG(Fake) If you guys see this These art are not belong to you is belong to me
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Hi i'm AlexiaNg the real owner of alexy and other art from deviantart for 3 year ,I'm here to said that stealing someone else art is a very bad thing to do ...I been working on her very long time now since 2015 ,Please do not steal it is not belong to you or everyone else is belong me
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Hi mostly sometimes i like dank memes but i love undertale so (im also a brony) im here to say thanks for letting me join

Nic has his normal clothing on. The leather jacket with the hood and duster style to it. His golden katana is sheathed, black clothing, and black shoes.he has his mask on and his eyes are hazel dots with just black surrounding them

How'd a great community like this die?

Name: Alexander Lauton

Gender: M

Universe: SAS Zombie Assault

Age: 28

Gear: Enough MREs to feed him for a month, Gas Mask, Ex55 (A lightweight combat vest that shifts polymer shards to the point of impact, allowing for impressive defense), Interceptor Pants and Boots

Weapons: Heckler and Koch MP5 9*19mm SMG, the 500 Nitro Express fifty caliber revolver (for when things need to go down fast), three Cryo nades, a serrated combat knife

Personality: After years of shooting the walking dead, including his infected wife, Alex is at wits end. His CO assigned him to a solo mission that doesn't have the undead involved. He was sent to look for Frisk. His experience with combat and short temper can spell disaster for himself and his friends.

Branch: British Special Air Services

Station: The Underground

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Is there a template for profiles? Is crossover allowed? I'm guessing so because of Yes Man and Muggy
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