Here's another forum that has some serious issues. Or rather a certain fanbase that visits certain threads.

The NIS America Forums.

Now I've lurked there for sometime. I've visited it and seen a lot of crazy things said.

The fanbase I talk about is their most active fanbase, the Neptunia fanbase. Don't get me wrong. Ain't nothing wrong with liking Neptunia. But a lot these users will be prone to either be pessimistic fanfic writers who self insert, or the most outrageous Yuri fans who probably only ever spent their time on /u/ from 4chan.

There's about as much anti-male mentality in their head and hearts that it could fill up the gulf coast if it was a liquid. Forget oil spills. Let's cut open their hearts and pour out their anti-male juices and kill all of the male fish.

Sometimes the anti-male mentality ranges from a bad tendency to always refer to male characters as generic and female characters are always good (Despite some being the most generic drivel ever seen) all the way to being downright feminazi. Most however are very secretive if they are of that super radical variety. It takes some manipulative wordplay to get them to reveal a semblance of their true vile thoughts. Unless you masquerade around their as one of them just to PM them and screenshot the conversation in an attempt to oust them.

But either way, chances are, many of them who refer to  male character as generic, will in fact also be the kind of whip themselves while saying "I'M SORRY I'M MALE! I'M SORRY I'M WHITE!" such as that skit by the infamous AmazingAtheist. God that asshole is one hell of a bag of lean mean bean and greens.

But I digress. The many people who are fans who had an account their or still do, are by far, some very ill minded people to have such thoughts. The staff usually keep them in check. But they tend to find ways to state their garbage.

Sometimes a thread as simple as "What would you like to see in a male CPU" will get a plethora of people spewing an entire conversation that starts with "I don't want evil sausages in my beautiful pure hearted garden". I think what needs to be done is a new edition on the rules. A stricter dealing in order to keep as much sexually offensive language away. Females aren't the only ones who get offended. Men can be offended just as much. They just don't know it. Because society enforces the idea that men are meant to take abuse like a brick wall with a giant neon yellow sign that says "HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!"

Being male in that community is suffering.

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Well. Guess I'll get started.

One of the most asinine forums I've ever seen, one  that makes any demon from the demon world look like a saint, would be the lounge on

It's prone to have nothing but users who, at every corner, literally throw out the word retard at any disagreement. Lots of people on there who make about as much sense as 4chan. Only difference is they're a lot more organized that 4chan in their thread layouts.

And let's not ignore the fact that some global mods on there will actually go on ban sprees for simple jokes thrown at one another. Even if the tension is non existent and everyone admits they're just having a "gay" old time, then guess what? You're banned. Then you have to waste time bitching at an admin to unban you and to get on the mods case for not properly assessing the situation.

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Some ground rules for all you kids out there looking to join.

No racist slurs directed at anyone please. No nigger, coon, no souled gingers, chinks, Japs, or spics of the sort. If you want to use a racial slur, use it without mentioning any names. And by names I also mean mentioning a group.

Example 1 of what's okay: This forum was so full of nigger hoodrats that I thought I was back in the ghetto.

Example 1 of something not okay: This forum is full of niggers. Why do blacks have to be niggers?

Example 1 of the not okay part pretty much asserted that the poster thinks all blacks are niggers. Don't be asserting that to us now.

Don't bash someone else bashing a forum. They just wanna let their frustrations out. EVERY forum, and I means EVERY forum, has it's fair share of hypocrites, posers, losers, and BS staff.

Don't bring 4Chan up too much. There's only so much 4Chan that needs to be shown all at once. I know this things supposed to be a major cultural artifact from the early 2000's. But it's bad for the community.

Other than that, I don't give a damn, a fuck, or a shit about how you talk about the forums. If you wanna say "this bitch was a cunt to me because I didn't like Yaoi and she did, and banned me", then you go and call her a cunt.

Let out your frustrations in a place where letting it out is the ENTIRE point. This isn't a place for unbridled civility. This is a place for aggressively letting out your anger.

Now commence.
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