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Vivo Per Lei Diamond Face Mask, Brightening Sheet Mask with Collagen,Pack of 7

Price: 18.99 USD

How to Order:


A girl’s best friend with benefits.

A woman's youth and her diamonds; perhaps the two things most valuable to a woman. By that logic, combination of the two would be worth a fortune. Could such a pairing be possible?

Diamonds have always been a girl's best friend, but you probably never thought they might be able to keep you looking young. Diamond powder is the new hot ingredient in the cosmetics field and it’s also the secret behind Vivo Per Lei Diamond Face Mask Sheet Set.

Ground diamonds work to heal and tame complexion problems and exfoliate the skin to keep you looking young and your skin looking and feeling like a million bucks.

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Daily make up tutorial! No fondation and BB cream! ☺️

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New video up everyone! Dedicated to my #hoodedlid #chubbycheek gals around the world!

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Aromatherapy Essential Oils Set. 100% Pure Therapeutic Oils Price: 13.99 USD

How to Order:


The premium aromatherapy essential oil.

• Contains peppermint, ylang ylang, lemongrass, eucalyptus, orange and lavender therapeutic essential oils
• Can be used as standalone essential oils or combined to create a unique perfume which complements your style
• Contains 6 essential oil bottles, the darker bottle colors help maintain oil freshness and protect against light degradation
• Stylish packaging makes this essential oil set the ideal present to gift to your loved ones

Buy the best smelling essential oils and dive into the world of aromatherapy with this essential oil starter kit.

Each collection contains 6 pure essential oils: Peppermint, ylang ylang, lemongrass, eucalyptus, orange and lavender.

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Vivo Per Lei Exquisite Manicure Kit, Salon-Quality Manicure, Green

Price: 12.99 USD

How to Order: Manicure-Green-Apple/112312645948

The professional manicure set online.

Home Kit
You know how it is. You go into the beauty store and the selection of nail polish colors is endless. You find the perfect color and can't wait to go home and apply it. You put it on flawlessly. Not a drop below your cuticle, not a nick or a ding, but somehow it doesn't look the way you imagined it. You know why. No matter how beautiful the color, how perfect the application, the effect is just not complete unless you have the nails to show it off. You don't need the pretty nail polish, you need pretty nails. That's why you need the Vivo Per Lei Green Apple Dead Sea Minerals Advanced Manicure Kit.
Spa Day
This professional manicure set for women has everything you need to get long, even, salon quality nails.

The nail file is made of high quality abrasive to adhere to every different nail shape and size, type, not only filing nails but enhancing and strengthening them. Use the three sided Vivo nail buffer to get shiny results for your nails without the need for extra oils and cream for a beautiful, natural look with.
This personal nail kit also has a cuticle oil that contains natural oils and nutrients for softer suppler cuticles enabling skin to be rolled back gently, for longer, looking more streamlined nails. For even better-looking hands, Vivo packs a hand lotion in this travel manicure set. It moisturizes hands and nails relieving cracked, dry skin, strengthening nails, and protecting hands from sun protection, all in a yummy Green Apple flavor.
So the next time you're looking for your next nail polish color, make sure you have the nails to do it justice. The Vivo Per Lei nail spa kit will give you the nails to rock any color nail polish.
Salon-Quality Results
The Vivo Per Lei Exquisite Manicure Set is ideal for achieving salon-quality results at home. In four easy steps, meet all your beauty needs as you shape and condition, while soothing away appearance of dryness from your hands. The set includes a 3-Step Buffer, Nail File, Cuticle Oil and the Hand & Body Lotion.
Cuticle Oil
Cuticle oil is used to moisturize the cuticle, skin and nail area. It can protect the cuticle and nail against damage and improve the health and appearance of the cuticles and nails.
Suits all types of skin
-Non greasy and lightweight formula
-Contains Dead sea minerals, vitamins and oils
-Suits all types of skin, from dry and aging to oily and sensitive
-Promotes, younger, smoother appearance by firming and tightening skin
-Lush Body firming cream that diminishes appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles

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Herstyler Fusion Pink Blossom Ceramic Hair Straightener Price: 28.99 USD

How to Order:


When You Need to Get It Straight

Sleek straight hair. Its more than a look, it’s a state of mind. Straight hair conjures images of espionage and rendezvous with alluring and dangerous characters of questionable backgrounds. It bespeaks incredible coolness, and impeccable poise, and If you think it only exists on supermodels and red carpets, think again. Perfectly straight hair is something all women are entitled to at least once in their lives and that's why Herstyler created the Fusion Flat Iron.

The Herstyler Fusion Pink Blossom Hair Straightener is all you need to achieve that sleek waterfall of hair that empowers you to take on even the most heart pounding assignments without batting an eye. Try this dual voltage flat iron once, and you'll want to give it a permanent place in your beauty arsenal
Long May You Wave
If there's one look women may be just as obsessed with as gorgeously straight hair, it’s probably beachy waves. The Herstyler Ceramic Flat Iron can give you the perfect beachy waves you’re after just as well, if not better than, as any hair tool thanks to its floating plate technology.

Even if you're not gifted with the ability to wake up with perfect rock star bedheads, you can get those glamourous waves in just a few minutes with this hair straightening iron. Floating plates offer better hair contact, and rounded plate edges let you flip ends out or curl them under.
This means the Herstyler Fusion Pink Blossom Flat Iron has everything you need to let you curl, straighten, smooth, spiral, and twirl to your heart's content. You'll get those beachy waves that you can rock anywhere any time with practically no effort, or just keep it straight. Express yourself any way your heart desires!

Key features

Oynx Ceramic Plates
Herstyler knows styling is all about getting the right balance. You want the iron hot enough to deal with stubborn hair types, but no too to cause damage. Ceramic flat irons have the technology to distribute heat evenly. That means that the iron will always heat to a consistent temperature without any hot spots to cause frizzes and flyways. You'll find the smooth plates heat up quickly and glide through hair for quick salon quality, sleek, glossy hair.

Adjustable Temperature
Another great thing about Herstyler flat irons is adjustable temperature. These ceramic flat irons let you control the temperature up to 460 degrees to suit any type of hair. Just go lower for finer thinner hair, or pump of the hear for coarser, thicker hair. The Herstyler Fusion also heats up quickly and has the power to cut your styling time in half, so your hair will spend less time under harsh heat, and you can spend more time at the party.

Negative Ion Technology
How does Herstyler manage to keep your hair so healthy while it brings on the heat? Negative ion technology is the secret. Research shows negative ion technology breaks water molecules into micro fine particles, allowing moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. The natural moisture balance is restored to hair, and hair becomes softer, smoother and shinier without frizz and static electricity, so your hair is naturally conditioned while you style and hair become stronger and healthier overall.

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Vivo Per Lei Men's Shea Body Butter, For Men Who Want to be Ahead of the Game

Price: 12.99 USD

How to Order:


The men's choice lotion online.

DEEPLY MOISTURIZES skin for a refreshed look and feel.
FRESH CITRUSY SCENT can double as a cologne, for a subtle manly fragrance.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS and botanicals work on all men's skin types without irritation.
INCREASED CIRCULATION to the skin for a fresh invigorated feeling that lasts throughout the day.
DETOXIFYING TREATMENT that is packed with Dead Sea Minerals to remove toxins from skin, increase permeability, and convert toxins into non-toxins.

Ah, you're morning run. Eight miles, with just you, the unbroken terrain, and the fresh air. You come home focused, your mind a sharpened weapon, your body a well-oiled machine. As you step into the shower, you feel the lukewarm water soothing your sore muscles, rinsing off the dirt and grime, preparing you for the day ahead. You step out and towel off. Now, you feel ready. You're on your game, but you know that's not enough. You need to be ahead of the game. You need that little extra boost, that subtle scent, that all day fresh from the spa feeling that's going to give you that extra edge.

The Vivo Per Lei Mens Body Butter is what you need to put you over the top. With the Dead Sea as its mineral source, this is the hardest working body butter for men on the market, its ingredients effective in stimulating blood circulation, maintaining chemical balance of the skin, improving sebum regulation, and eliminating bodily toxins.

Mixed with the perfect balance of natural oils and potent extracts to moisturize and shield your skin, this shea body butter cream is all you need to leave skin looking relaxed and refreshed and presenting a soft and silky feel. Plus, you'll love the citrusy scent that can double as a cologne, and so will everyone else.
So, whether it’s for work or play, if you need to bring your A- Game, you need to start your day with the Vivo Per Lei shea butter body moisturizer. It’s got the scent, the feel, and the look to put you in control.

Mens body butter for men shea body butter cream shea butter body moisturizer moisturize natural dead sea minerals skin scent moisturize treatment spa.
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