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Name: Ryoko Tajima
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height: 6'0
Bio: The ice dragon Aisudoragon raised her but the dragon mysteriously disappeared one day...
Best friend: Gray
Rival(s): Juvia and Lucy
Personality: can be rude, tomboy, and sarcastic
Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild mark location: left hip
Guild mark color: periwinkle
Magic: Ice dragon slayer
Team: Natsu's team
Exceed: Kiichi
Exceed color: white body but his paw pads, stomach, and the tip of his tail are light blue
Exceed gender: Male

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Ryoko walks into the huge Fairy Tail guild hall with her exceed floating by her. She sees crowds of people hurrying back and forth. She smirks and turns her palm upward and blows, sending ice everywhere which causes the floor to freeze. She laughs quietly to herself as she sees people fall and slip on the now ice covered floor. But she didn't notice you approaching her . . .
((Open RP))

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Name: Abbie Bloom
Age: 17
Birthday: December 31
Occupation: Mage (S-Class)
Magic: Sea Dragon Slayer (Spells at the bottom)
Guild: Fairy Tail
Exceed: Mandy, white with a dark purple guild mark on her back

Hair: Light blue that gets slightly darker at the ends. Waist length
Eyes: Ocean blue
Skin tone: Tan, caused by how much time she spent at the beach
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 104
Guild mark: Dark blue, on the right side of her stomach
Clothes: Blue skirt with a blue top that is a Cana style. Her pajamas is a t-shirt, and black yoga pants

Personality: She cares deeply about her friends and family. Abbie will do anything and everything in her power to save or help a friend, no matter the consequences for her. She can be sassy and sarcastic at times. When she is tired, she tends to speak her mind more. Abbie tends to have nightmares only when she has had a certain amount of alcohol, though going through traumatic experiences will also trigger the nightmares. Abbie also hates being controlled in any way shape or form and will speak her mind. From being with Natsu for long enough before joining Fairy Tail, she has taken on some of his personality but not enough to be exactly like him. Unlike Natsu, she thinks most of the time before she acts.

Fighting style: Abbie usually keeps a slight distance when fighting, sometimes going closer for more of an impact. When she gets bored during a fight or wants to mess with the other person, she will say random things, some she doesn't mean, others she does. 

Biography: When Abbie was 4, her village was attacked by a dark guild, Fire Ice. Fire Ice killed the adults and took the children, including her best friend Jellal and her sister Ran. The children were to be sent to the Tower of Heaven. Fire Ice (Specifically Blake) created a weak spot on Abbie and Ran to keep them more in line, since they were more rebellious. Abbie, Ran, and a few other kids managed to escape. Ran was supposedly killed while protecting Abbie by Blake. Abbie wandered around for a bit before she met a sea dragon, Umiko. Umiko took her in and taught her sea dragon slayer magic, certain languages, and other stuff that she would need in the real world. After 6 years, Umiko disappeared and Abbie, now 10, was left to wander again. One day, she literally ran into Natsu. Natsu told her that he was going to join Fairy Tail and asked if Abbie wanted to join with him, Abbie agreed. A while later, they arrived in Magnolia and joined Fairy Tail together. Cana is Abbie’s half sister, Gildarts is her biological father.

Sea Dragon’s Roar
Sea Dragon’s Pressure Fist
Sea Dragon’s Tail Slash
Sea Dragon’s Crushing Fang
Sea Dragon’s Whirlpool
Sea Dragon’s Shredding Fin
Sea Dragon’s Geyser
Sea Dragon’s Brilliant Eye
Sea Dragon’s Claw
Sea Dragon’s Diving Horn
Sea Dragon’s Leaping Talon
Sea Dragon’s Slipstream
Sea Dragon’s Shielding Wings
Ocean Drive
Dragon Force
Pressure Crash
Riptide Blade
Leviathan Rage: Halberd Hydra
Leviathan Rage: Typhoon Lunge
Leviathan Rage: Kranken Rain
Leviathan Rage: Tsunami Soul
Sea Dragon’s Concealing Mist
Sea Dragon’s Frozen Lance
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Name: Ali C. Vice


Guild: Fairy Tail (Former member of a guild called Water Song)

Magic: Requip, Dark, Neutral, Teleportation

Species: Neko/Cambion (Human/Demon)

Personality: Quiet, Loud, Quick to show only amusement. Doesn't usually show emotion.

Back story: When she was a small child she ran away from home, only to join a guild called Water Song, witch was run by her parent. She ran away form that guild and joined Fairy tail. 
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((Open for anyone and +Ali Cat ))

Abbie walks into Fairy Tail late into the morning with her exceed Mandy. She walks towards the bar, dodging flames and ice from yet another Natsu/Gray fight. Abbie sits down and orders a drink from Mira, taking a sip from it when she gets it.

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Name:flying note.

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1.No immortality or dodging everything. Don't be over powered basically.
2.No auto hitting.
3.You must be detailed in you post.
4.Grammar and spelling the reader must know what your saying mistakes are OK but don't be lazy.
5.No ranks above S unless you ask me to rank you up to SS and so on.
6.When talking out of character use around parenthesis around your words example; (( Hey man I'll be right back))
7.When your doing an action use stars around your text example; *He move his hand to grab the cup of water as he picks it up and puts it to his mouth and drinks* 
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