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Lol awkward

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Change it up- +1 team gale comment team peeta
+1 If you like Peeta, comment If you prefer Gale. I don't know what to do! Both! Hahha

OMG JUST READ MORTAL INSTRUMENTS!! Added to my fav book list!!
Thx +Grace Bu for the Rec :)
Im confused is the other series (the clockwork one) related to this or a whole different one?

Why is this community called book  THEIF ???? 

I am Number Four. What are your thoughts??

I finished this series like yesterday (Snakehead). It has like an overdose of fights and killing, but the plot is pretty good.

no potty words. Rlly.

No dissing, no spoilers, uhhhh nice comments (unless u hate the book, im fine w/ that)

WELCOME PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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