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Welcome to the Small Business Marketing Community

The Small Business Marketing community is a great place to talk about the all aspects of marketing for small/local businesses. We'd love to see your posts about the latest trends and solutions for local businesses marketing their products and services.

This community is heavily moderated and curated. This means posts that don't meet these policies will be removed, and repeat offenders will be banned. If you think your posts are being unfairly removed, feel free to +mention me and I'll explain why I'm removing your posts.

Jonathan Jeter


1. Don't spam the Community. Our definition of spam is very broad. In addition to the obvious commercial stuff, I'm talking about off-topic posts, off-topic community invitations, blatant self-promotion, and marketing your personal multi-level marketing systems and "make money online" programs. This community is very specifically focused on marketing solutions for small, local businesses selling products and services in a defined area. 

2. Try to limit yourself to one post a day. If you have already posted something new, engage with existing posts, answer questions, +1 and comment on other posts. Don't flood the community with posts. If you post several stories, I'll remove all but the best one to give people time to engage.

3. Don't be a jerk. Don't swear, troll, or abuse other members. Avoid political arguments, and don't come here with to push your own business, products or services or to try to get people to join your downline. There are thousands of communities here, and you might find a more appropriate place somewhere else. 

4. Create the best posts you can. If you wrote the blog post you are sharing, please provide context like: what your blog is about, what your qualifications are and why you are sharing it. If you're sharing a post or article from another site, tell us what you like about the article and the site where it was found. If you have a question for the community, run it through a spell checker. Check for duplicate news before posting a big story. Don't just repost stories from your own feed. 

DON'T POST ANY STORIES IN THE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES SECTION, so this post will always be here. Anything posted here will automatically be removed.

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What is the role of school if parents don’t provide school lunch or pay money to students for meal? Schools and parents are at dispute about this debt. How federal school may provide free food like cheese and sandwiches to children to share on the table?

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I Find Email Marketing a Struggle Sometimes

When I started out with online marketing selling ebooks, everyone said "start an email list" so I did. I collected emails from my ebooks, from my web page and I even did some paid advertising and gave away a Free Report.

That worked ok for awhile but then the next thing everyone said was "you have to segment your list and move subscribers from one list to another and then send them information specific to their interests."

Managing my list this way sounded like a good idea until I tried to figure out how to use the list management tools on my auto responder. That only lead to confusion and having the same person on five different lists (which of course every email counts on how many subscribers I have). If you thought getting an email sequence setup was hard wait until you try segmenting.

So then again, the marketing gurus are saying, "use Infusionsoft it is built for this kind of marketing, " but it starts at $300 per month, so that is out.

I almost stopped emailing at all I was so frustrated. Then someone told about ConvertKit and that I should check it out. So I did.

And wow it was amazingly simple. I was reluctant to put my email in to get access to the demo video, but after I watched it, I immediately signed up and started to import my subscribers.

ConvertKits approach to email lists is that they don't have them. They just use tags and segments with all the users in one database. One list no double or triple email addresses, so you only pay for a subscriber once.

ConvertKit uses tags and groups (segments) them based on which form they signed up through, what emails and links they clicked, what products they bought, I can sort and segment my subscribers anyway I want, and it's super simple.

Check it out for yourself there is so much more I like about ConvertKit, but you see for yourself, here is a link.

Thanks, Good Luck


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50 Best Amazon Business ideas for Beginners

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