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Want to start making money online with $0? Have a good following? Come share our website and products for 10% commission and 5% discount no strings attached! Cool right? Well give you tools to track your visits and more!

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Robinhood the best trading stock app no charge or fee to buy and sell no minimum deposits or trades!! Join threw this link and get a free stock from big companies like apple n more!!

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I was hesitant about using another small business loan service after experiences with other lenders, but Lendio was very different. The process was simple, they were very direct and made sure they fully understood what I was expecting as a business owner and needed to happen. The process took about 2 weeks and I would use them again.
- Neal Bitner
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Most graduates enter the real world with a massive student loan debt on their shoulder. The amount is even higher while the interest charges add thousands to the debt payments over the total life of the loan.
Repayment is a mountain that can be climbed with proper guidance. Here are 5 important things that can help you with your debt repayment.
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Don’t let your kid’s school supply list upset you. You can save on all the school supplies that your kid needs to have.
Here are some simple and effective tips from the desk of America’s most popular same day loans platform, following which you can significantly save on school supplies...........

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Online transaction is more secured now at Bigdaddy Loans, so feel free to fill up loan application :)

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“No way, this guy is beatboxing about mortgages?”

Lending outside the beatBox

Watch video:
What if there was an opportunity to buy a house in even the most unique situations? What if you were treated like a human being instead of a number? What if there was a common sense approach in the lending world?

Well there is…

Portfolio Loans

Things to keep in mind when considering a portfolio loan:

-Primary residence only
-No mortgage insurance
-At least 10% down
-Gift is acceptable 
-Points may be required (seller credits okay)

Guy is beatboxing and you'll never guess why!

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Personal loans can be borrowed from a bank. These are something that you can use at your own discretion. However, it is quite difficult to get qualified for such loans. If you’re thinking about taking out a personal loan, below are some points that you must know about them....

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The house loan finance industry has seen a lot of ups and downs in the recent past and seems to be in a delicate place right now. With its fragile state home loan providers would find themselves in a vulnerable state had it not been for the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan. This is a government undertaking of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Borrowers who have the FHA loan are enabled to pay for a mortgage insurance which covers the lender for any possible loss or default in payment by the borrower. This FHA loan has empowered lenders to offer attractive rates coupled with less rigorous qualifying criteria...
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