(Open Rp)
Merida sits in the padded cell, reminiscing about the past when a loud noise startles her out of her thoughts What the heck?! Crawling towards the door and picking the lock open, she peaks her head out into the hall. Several doctors and patients alike are shouting and the sound of metal clattering fills the hall You see her and...

(Open rp)
Merida sits in her padded cell waiting for her appointment or whatever the meanies (The orderlies) put her in there for. She hears a noise and crawls over to the door to see if a new friend or victim has come to play Hellooo~ She sees you and you...

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I'm bored


The 20-year-old serial killer, Tobias Erin Rogers sat, confined to a straight-jacket, scowling at the doctor sitting across of him. He occasionally glanced back at the guard standing behind him. Behind him Lyle Bolton, an orderly at the psychiatric hospital where Toby was kept.

“Is this r-really n-n-necessary?”
The voice of Dr. {Y/N} is deflective, trying to remain professional. “The guard? or the straightjacket?”
Tobias paused “Uh…” He looked behind him once more. “Both.”
Lyle folds his arms and moves closer, protectively.
“Security officer Lyle Bolton is present for this session due to last night's incident.” They responded. The incident they spoke of was the murder of nurse. Toby had left the body in his doctor’s office. As a little surprise.

“Lyle? Th-that…” He paused chuckling slightly. “That, is a girl's n-n-name. If I had a daughter, th-that's what I'd n-n-name her.” He laughed once more, glancing back at him. “Lyle”
Dr. {Y/N} ignored Toby’s comments and quickly change the subject. “We need to discuss what happened last night.”

Tobias interrupted them. “Did you get your gift?” He asked, he wore a sadistic smirk on his face. There was a short silence between the two. The doctor was angry to say the least.
“Are you expecting a thank you card for the dead body left on my desk?” {Y/N} was trying to control their anger.

Tobias laughed, leaning forward a little. He smiled. “I'm not op-opposed to letter writing. We could be p-p-pen pals!”
Lyle reaches out and pulls Toby back down into his seat. Tobias’ smile was quickly replaced by a scowl once more.
“Stay in your seat.” Lyle spoke very stern way.

“We're not going to tolerate this kind of behavior.” Dr. {Y/N} spoke sternly. They were getting tired of they way Toby brushed his own actions off.

“All right, right, no more d-d-dead woman left in your office. I'm s-sorry.” He didn't seem genuine, just sarcastic. He paused for a moment, then turned to look back at the guard again.
“But d-d-dead Lyles on the other hand…” Lyle again turns him in his seat and shoves him forward. The orderly was done with Tobias’ obnoxiousness as well.
“Keep facing forward”
{Y/N} sighed “Do you have any remorse for killing that woman? Any guilt at all?”

“W-why should I feel t-t-that?” Toby stuttered. He seemed ligitmently confused which was concerning.
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NAME: Dr. Angela Solaris a.k.a Dr. Angel
AGE: //Classified// (She is probably ancient XD though she looks 21)
GENDER: Female
TYPE OF ASYLUM DOCTOR: Medical Doctor, Distributes medication.
PERSONALITY: She is stern but she has a soft spot for her patients. She has this ancient wisdom and kindness in her own way.
CONNECTION TO ANY PATIENTS: She tries to help any and all of the patients that come her way
BIO: Most of her background is classified but what is known is that when she transferred to this asylum, She didn't know she would meet the one patient she had sent there several years earlier...Patient 806. Dr. Solaris was disturbed by the lack of staff and the patient to Doctor ratio made her even more certain that she needed to help these people. So she got to work and eventually earned the trust of a few patients due to her kindness and her open ears.

(Open rp)
Dr. Angel sits at her desk taking notes on the days events when she hears a noise at her door Hello? Who is there? She opens the door and sees you hello there You...

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(Open Rp)
Merida struggles against her restraints, screaming and laughing psychotically HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA IM NOT CRAZY!! IM FINE


What is pp

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NAME: carter huntsmen (Patient 938)

AGE: 26


Species: human

Sexuality: straight

Like: killing, guns, and knifes


Notes: patient feels no pain
Sedate before treatment
More durable the average person

BIO: caught after piece of patient's armor broke and was shot with gator tranquilizer in attempt to capture him
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NAME: Issac Foster

AGE: 19


Species: human

Sexuality: straight

Like: killing, see fear in the eyes of his victiams

Dislikes: people who stop him from killing

Notes: He is very clever
He can kill with anything that can be a weapon
He needs to be strap down sometimes during medication time
He can go crazy at anytime if he feels he can have some fun

BIO: He was found at a random person's home painting the walls with blood and laughing
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Name: Dillan key's (patient 243)
gender: F
species: human
sexuality: BI
likes:watching blood splatter, knifes, and tearing flesh
dislikes: perky people
notes: she is quick and can make anything a weapon, DO NOT STRAP DOWN!!
Bio: after she ripped her step dad to shreds and was found playing with his organs she was taken into the psychic ward.
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