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⚠️ ALERT ⚠️

The member Sam B informed me about the possible shut down of Google Plus on January 28, 2019 or at least since it will be a progressive shutdown some failures will starting to appear on January 28, 2019. Here is the link where you can read about it: it's a information for developers and it will affect all the G+.
This means we only have 24 days to stay here. 😞

Here is +Harry Potter Fans on Instagram:
MeWe: (I still trying to get used to this one)

I will try to start using these social networks since Google+ will leave us soon and you guys who want could follow these networks and I will follow you.

I was expecting the shut down for April 2019, so my hope of reaching 1,000,000 members before the shut down is over.

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There is no need to call me 'Sir' professor.
Sassy #нαʀʀყρσттёя

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Their friendship😭

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Which book is your favorite? (HP)
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Have a nice weekend!

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hear it and chill!

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