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What are things to do by the end of any training to make a substantial progress in achieving one's educational goals?
Put out content consistently on all social media, drum up engagement & dare to inbox people?!
What are things to do by the end of the #evo2019 training to make a substantial progress in achieving our big goals as Educators?! Seems, that our session:"Job oriented Training for ESP Teachers; sharing their findings locally and globally" would support Uzbekistan's #GE teachers in being more compatible while hiring faculty, and allocating at universities, colleges; but there are No Moderators except me at these so needed #ESP pieces of training
The most wanted Moderators are +Vance Stevens +Les Kirkham +Shelly Sanchez Terrell +Jason Levine +Sanja Bozinovic +Shakhruz Ashirov +Anita Adnan +Ayat Tawel +UzTEA Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association +Gulnoza Egamova

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The EVO team is in TESOL Chicago, where on March 28 from 1530 UTC Vance Stevens, +Martha Ramirez, and +Diana K. Salazar will be on-site streaming IN other EVO moderators and coordinators +Nellie Deutsch - Ed.D, +mbarek akaddar, +Carrie Terry, +Maha Hassan, +daniela martino, and +Julie Kacmaz --- while streaming OUT the Best of EVO, live as a #TESOL2018 #CALL-IS webcast event.

You can tune in and view the stream at this link

Shooting the QR code from our on-site handout at takes you to the expanded version with full program details at

You can find further information on this event, #learning2gether episode 361 at Join us online if you can.

Dear CALL Professionals and Specialists,

Thanks indeed to consider me as a member of this community. I should express my gratitude to Dr. Nellie Deutsch for her awesome organization and instruction in M4TEVO18 and CO18 in them I participated.

My name is Zahra Shafiee, based in Tehran, Currently, I am doing my PhD in Applied Linguistics.

For my PhD dissertation, I am conducting an exploratory research on computer assisted language learning (CALL) teacher development. As a part of this study, to explore opinions of CALL professionals and practitioners about integrating technology in language teaching, I am interviewing professors, lecturers, and teachers across the world, who use computer technology in language instruction.

This interview usually takes around 30 minutes, via Skype or Zoom. The voice will be recorded only for the purpose of transcription, the participants' anonymity will be observed, and the data will be used only for research purposes. At the end of the study, the results will be shared with the participants through a report paper, if they would like.

In case it is convenient for you, and you are willing to take part in this interview, it will be a great pleasure for me to set a time at your convenience.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Kindest regards,
Zahra Shafiee

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How would you describe your EVO experience?
Please take a few minutes to record your thoughts.
Your feedback interests us!

EVO Coordination Team

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Don't forget that EVO 2018 holds its annual closing ceremony this Sun Feb 25 at 1400 UTC. You are invited to come online to discuss, reflect, and relate your stories about your experience in EVO2018 this past January-February.

In a break from tradition, this year's closing webinar is the week after the official end of the sessions to give moderators and participants a window in which to wrap up their own sessions.

As usual, the session will be held in Bb Collaborate and streamed on YouTube, with opportunities for you to join us live in BbC or participate in real-time in the YouTube or Chatwing text chats.

The live webinar will be in Bb Collaborate at the link here:

You can watch the stream on
where you can join the conversation live or leave any questions at

Click on to see links to the Google slide presentation in progress, the time of the event where you are, how to test your connection, practice, or get help if you need it.

Hope to see you there on Sunday.

Thank you, dear EVO 2018! Thank you, dear moderators and participants! Special thanks to Nellie! I am grateful for all the inspiring ideas. tools, tips! !! These weeks were incredibly busy but I am so happy to be a part of such a brilliant community and among amazing people! Let 2018 be the most fruitful! :)
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