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This community has a zero tolerance policy regarding blatantly off-topic posts, particularly those that are advertisements for products that are in no way related to White Star and ESPECIALLY any posts regarding real-world religion or politics. The moderators reserve the right to delete any posts which violate the rules of the community and ban the person responsible for the post without warning.

I hate having to even state this publicly, as the vast majority of this community are awesome, amazing people. But when my filters start catching over a dozen posts as spam and posts whose content who are wholly apologetics regarding real world religion, I feel it needs to be stated again.

The Void Knight entry in the Galaxy edition of White Star states that they can launch bolts of corrupted energy and use Force of Will to kill, but no ranges are given. Is the lack of specific ranges intentional?

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Designer's Diary: Void Knights and Mysticism
So with Walking the Way drafted and currently in editing, I wanted to explain a part of the creative process - or more part of what wasn't part of the creative process. It's clear that part of the inspiration for Star Knights, Void Knights, and The Way are drawn from a certain famous series of space opera films that shall remain nameless. But you all know how much I love said unnamed franchise. So, why then, is there not more definition on Void Knights? Why no corrupted Meditations? Why no White Star-ified elements of these Dark Lords?

Because they're not Dark Lords. They can be if that suits your campaign. They can be resporator wearing, star sword wielding, Terrible Dads, if that's your bag. But they don't have to be. They're iconic black knights, straight of mythology. It's just a mythology that is set in space. They can be Star Knights gone wrong. They can be corrupted alchemists. They can be strange scientists who draw their power from dark matter. They can whatever villain they need to be to suit your campaign.

Void Knights are your villains. They're simply built on a recognizable archetype. Because of those archetypical building blocks, I didn't want to define much more than "they're dark knights" because I didn't want to box in your ideas, your campaign, your adventures. I wanted the villain in your campaign to be yours and to be unique. The more defined they become, the more limiting they become. I want you, the referee, to dive into the darkest, pulpiest, wildest ideas for your White Star campaigns - especially when creating antagonists.

I wrote the game, sure -- but White Star belongs to you. Make it what you want it to be.

(Art by White Star Art Director +James Shields)

I had to make some last minute changes to the Walking the Way draft. Sorry, Star Knights. You're going to have to deal with having 4 new classes instead of three. My apologies.

So, what will the upcoming Walking The Way: A Mysticism Sourcebook for White Star feature? Well, I'm glad you asked.

It will include...
3 New Classes
Specific types of Gifts for certain Alien Mystic species. Perhaps you want to be a Falcon-Man Windspeaker, a Felinoid Luckspinner, or a Quinlon Blood Shaman...
New Meditations for Star Knights, Star Pilots, and Untrained Initiates
Detailed rules for building and customizing your Star Sword
New Gifts for any Alien Mystic
New Gear and Advanced Technology
New Monsters
and... a new form of Mysticism: Technomancy!

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Lots of good visuals for the aspiring GM. Galaxy Edition is perfect for a Starcraft style game as all the goodies to play mechs and the like are all in!

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Stellagama Publishing wishes you a happy Jewish New Year!
To celebrate, we offer a 25% discount on all our products! Shana Tova!

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MAN! Has this been a busy summer! In any case, I thought it would be fun to jump back into the water (or out of the airlock as it were) to post a picture and fabricate some White Star stats for some of the stuff in the picture.

Let's start with the dude going reverse draw on the glowing sword. I can picture this as a scenario in which you have a Clint Eastwood style character who came for revenge or rescue. Back door isn't an option (probably due to terrain or because Lowes was having a sale on home security, you know... the kind with the new Vertaxian Battle Matrix that allows for multiple target locks with that shiny new auto-blaster turret?). So our [anti] hero has to go in through the front door!

Of course, in the way, are all these warrior cultists who found their leader at a Galactic Conqueror Self Help Seminar (Unleash the Inner Tyrannical Warlord in You!).

I would put the “guards” as Centurions (because you know you get a discount if you buy them in batches of 100). Definitely wielding either Plasma Swords (WSGE P.99) or Star Swords (WSGE P.99). Also, Light armor because they look like they are well armored up top but not so much on the bottom (They skipped leg day). So... How about:


ARMOR CLASS: 7 [12] (Light Armor)
HDE/XP: 2/15
SPECIAL: Speed Burst*, Combat Coordination
ATTACK: Weapon (Plasma / Star Sword – Laser Pistol)
The Centurions are the warrior cultists of the (Insert your cool name here). They are practiced in the Way. They may focus their juju twice per day to use Speed Burst (Doubles movement – +Matthew Skail's Between Star and Void – P.22) and Combat Coordination (Bonuses to hit and Ac WSGE P. 202). They are all cranky when approached while on guard and will attack to shew people away.

I love the look of the Drone in the middle right. I would use +Bill Logan's Hyperspace Messenger (#2 – The Bot Edition) to craft a cool little security drone.


ARMOR CLASS: 5 [14] (Light Armor)
HDE/XP: 3/60
MOVEMENT: 12 (Hover)
SPECIAL: Standard Robot Immunities / Scanners
ATTACK: Electro-Bolt (1d6+2)
The Centurion Drone is a light hover mech with a Constadium Energy Core. The core houses all robotic function and capabilities. To attack, the drone can discharge a bolt of energy from the core. This same energy can be used to manipulate objects within a few meters since the drone doesn't posses hands. They generally are friendly to their Centurions but are pretty much jerks to everyone else.

As far as the rest of the glowing globes - I am thinking some sort of anti-personnel device, maybe a floating mine. What other details do you see?

Took some reverse look up on the image but this was done by the amazing Puz Lee from China.

Just a quick note. I know I've been pretty quiet lately. Real life's been rough, but I'm finishing the rough draft on a new White Star product and hope to have something out there for everyone real soon.

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Can't believe that I get to say this, but...

Thunderegg Productions is pleased to announce that Origins and ENnie Award-winning author James M. Spahn has joined the team as a contributing author. He is most well-known for being the creator of White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying, White Star: Galaxy Edition, and serve as a contributing author to Fantasy Flight Games' line of Star Wars Roleplaying Game books and Cubicle 7 Entertainment's The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth roleplaying games. He likes squirrels.

It's an honor to be able to work with James. I can't wait to see what he gives you!
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