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RULES Read the picture on what NOT to do. 
Also no lone pictures unless it ties to your RP, and no hentai. 
Name (first and last)
Powers(needs to be approved by mod.)
Bio(or why you apply to the school)
Where your from [Umbra(Dragon humanoids), Sideralace(Elves), Latro(humans) Crustalose(mixed) Sylva(forest) Incedium(fire tribal race)]

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The teacher, Professor, Ukai stands at the front of the class, slouched over on top of his desk. The class is labeled "conventional military use" But its a Saturday so its a study hall instead. 

Sorry i haven't posted to this community in a while.

I'm behind the school, exploring the grounds, when I hear something and

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I walk up to the front gates, my bags by me wow

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Name: Mia luna
Age: 18
Powers: wolf transfiguration
Bio: she came here to get away from the hunters. As well as her abusive parents.
Where your from: Sylva
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A girl in her school uniform walks through the hallway with an ice-cream cone. "Tsk, weaklings everywhere, can't get a decent fight."

Just reminding you guys, NO ONE LINERS. All responses must be at least 1 sentence. No one word answers. 

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Name: Abby
Age: 19
Powers: Sword magic
From: Incedium
Bio: Used to live in the slums. Got adopted by a single draike mother when she was a child. Moved here and enrolled in the academy when she was old enough. 

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shapeshifting class room 102
The teacher stands next to the classroom door, waiting for the kids to come in.
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