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Does anyone wanna rp? It's romance though.

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Name: Onsuka Chirioj

Age: 18

Real age: 200

Gender: Female

Species: Demon

Forms: She has 2 forms. She hides her true self with a fake identity. A human teenage girl with long red hair. Then her true form is her demon form. Her demom form is a powerful and scary. She has black hair red eyes and not as long hair. She is truly one scary chick if you get on her bad side.

Powers: She has the ability too fly, use dark magic, and even mind control. She can turn into diferent things as well. She can even change her looks, like she can turn into another person if she just sees them.

Weapons: Her powers of course, but her actual weapons is a flame sword, and too sythes.

Weaknesses: All holy things, like holy water, bibles, and God himself

Likes: Killing, fights, gore, bieng alone, possessing things, scaring others, and the darkness

Dislikes: Losing a battle, big groups of people, bieng called weak, and angels

Personality: Sly, evil, witty, strong, mean, and intimidating

Pic 1: Fake identity (the one she's mostly in)
Pic 2: True form (here demonic true self)
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What is the template???

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Quote: I may be Di Angelo but I'm evil

Name: Nico Di Angelo (Sorry for the PJO thing)

Nickname: Di Angel

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Height: 6.2

Species: Demon/Fallen Angel

Type of Demon: Ice Phoenix

Weight: 132 pounds

Likes: Darkness, demons, death, most mythical creatures

Dislikes: humans

Personality: Dark, mysterious,

Inner flame color: Blue, White

Abilities: Can use both fire and ice, can teleport, fly, can summon skeleton warriors and make people forget things for a day. Can also transform to human form. Can make anything out of fire and ice, but prefers the 2 weapons listed. He can levitate his weapons when in phoenix form.

Weapons: An invisibility helmet, a fire sword, and ice bow.

Weakness: No friends except his brother, who he trusts.

Bio: Used to be an angel, but when he saw people killing each other, he decided to try and found it very fun. He has a twin, a fire phoenix, who has exactly the same powers and stuff but is an angel. He does not really hate angels, he just likes death. He actually is a fallen angel but calls himself a demon because he feels that he should be one since he does not do the duties of an angel and does not have revenge on angels or anything like that.
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Sup guys, I'm new here. My name is Cobra (largest pic is me), and I'm a demon. I also rp as my 2 brothers: Gamma (top right, angel of death), and Alpha (middle right, banished angel from Heaven). We travel across the universe and other dimensions, conquering every civilization we come across with our Dark Army (bottom right. I have more pics of my army if you want to see, just ask) either enslaving them, or leaving no survivors. Since the three of us are triplets we are all aged at around 4000 years old in actual years, but have the appearances, and voices of young men in their early 20's. We can also summon weapons made out of darkness/shadows (me), light (Alpha), and cosmic matter (Gamma). Because of this, we can really summon any weapon we want, but just like everyone, we have our preferences. Alpha and I prefer to use swords and melee weapons, while Gamma likes to keep his distance with crossbows and such. Mine and Alpha's appearances are shown quite clearly in the pictures below, but underneath Gamma's armor, he has silver hair with deep blue eyes (by the way, just to clarify, i have brown hair and purple eyes, and Alpha has pure white hair with blood red eyes). I prefer for my foes to DISCOVER my weaknesses and powers during rp, rather than telling them off the bat.
If you want to know anything else, just ask.
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I was walking blindly near the angels side until someone from it saw me. I never liked angels, especially dark angels but I never tend to kill a living being so I usually just injure them. anyways, I was walking down a path that led to the opposing side with my hands in my pockets until you stopped me. I turned around, it was one of the angels wandering near and you...

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{Name}: Lucian cage

{Age}: 30

{Race}: half angel half demon

{Powers}: fire helix, fireball, blinding light. Light trap, light wave, fire wave, dark drain, energy drain. Fire trap, light helix, flight

{Weapon}: light sword, demon sword, light armour, demon armour. Light bow and arrows. Demon bow and arrows. Light sythe, demon sythe

{Skills}: super speed, super strength, awesome hand-to-hand combat

{Looks}: picure

{Friends}: none yet

{Family}: too personal


Anyone wanna fight me?
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