Any girls wanna rp?

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You're the Queen of the Amazonian's. Today on a hunt, your subjects found a young man traveling around your territory. But, instead of killing him, you decided that he should be used to satisfy your needs.

Option A (Rape):
You wanted to dominate the man and force him to do your will. You had him ready in your bedroom to be fucked, though you'd to do some work to get his dick hard. He was yours to toy with.

Option B (Consensual):
The young man was ready to do anything for mercy. You offered him a night in your private hut and he accepted the offer rather willingly. Now, you're going to have a fun time with the stranger, using him to breed more Amazonian childs

Option C (Rape-Public)
Not only did you want to violate the man, you wanted everyone in your tribe to watch and feel jealous. So you'd fuck him right there and then by the ceremonial bonfire.

((Female needed))
((Choose the woman you wanna be))
((Choose your option))
((Should be okay with creampie and impregnation))
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Anyone wanna rp?
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[I need to do some Code Geass: Akito the Exiled rp. Can someone rp as Julius Kingsley AND Suzaku please (others will be added as the roleplay goes)? Please have replies at least a paragraph or more (can be adjusted upon request) with good grammar and spelling. Here is the starter.]

Akito the Exiled: The Siren's Song
{St.Petersburg, Euro Britannia}

Sirens in folklore would use their voices of song to attract men and cause them to wreck their ships to drown in the sea. Even if the men survived, they would be driven into madness for all eternity. Inspired by the songstress' power to control those who hear them, a new Geass was formed: The Siren's Song. This geass relies on the wielder's singing voice and those who hear the song can be controlled against their own will.The Siren Geass is a special power not everyone can possess. Most who wielded it used it for evil and threatened the world. For that reason, one who has it can pass the power on to another. This sort of thing happened to a child with a tragic childhood.

Anya was the only child of the royal family in St.Petersburg. Her happy life changed one night when a man murdered her parents. A mysterious young woman saved the princess by giving her the geass. With the new power, the young girl ended the life of the man who took her happiness. Devastated by the overwhelming power, Anya swore to never reveal her past or power until she finds someone she truly trusts deeply. When she received a letter from the same woman who saved her, the girl learned more of her power. No one knew what ever became of the family and their beloved daughter. Many of them decided that the entire family was dead, but never knew that Anya was still alive.

Many years after that event, one hundred nobles had received invitations from Siren Serenade, a performance group known all over the world. There is also a contest: whoever deems themselves worthy of the leader's trust in a set of deadly trials will gain her supporting any way possible. For instance, she can support a side in a war and make sure everyone will follow. Julius Kingsley received one of the invitations and decided to go. If he were to give the female enough trust in him, she would support him during the war. When he arrived, a noble warned him about the leader. Rumor has it that she was given a gift by a siren as a child. With the power, the noble claimed, she had killed dozens of men. Could this mean this female is using witchcraft or some kind of powerful ability? The rumor did spark his interest. He might find this girl useful to make his foes unable to not accept his proposals for the war.

At the concert, the group performed for the nobles. They were welcoming the men with their voices and dances. The leader of the group was the main attraction. Her appearance made most of the male nobles in their seats gaze at her: her long black hair, her radiant violet orbs, her pristine complexion, her gypsy-like dancer outfit. Her voice had the nobles sway, mesmerized by her words. She glanced over to the VIP section and noticed a young male whom she had never met before. Since she is still performing and cannot stop yet, she winked at him and smiled. To an ordinary man, he would think she is trying to attract someone, but she was mainly greeting someone.
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Posting some cute pics. If you want to rp...which pic?
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Huh.. Intriguing.

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I was an employee of your company. I was in charge of making and designing logos and advertisement in order to sell your product. Due to the quota, I hsually stay overnight most nights. One morning, you had decided to come in early to see how I was doing, understanding how late I work. You see me waking up and you...
(First come first serve. Will repost upon request for others)
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[Hi all. Pleased to be here :3]
Name: Tidus Alexander
Nickname: Ti [Pronounced like "Tie"]
Age: 22
Species: Human.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175Lbs
Likes: Building things, Fixing things and being helpful
Dislikes: Jerks...obviously, and not being able to help....machine wise.
Personality: Smart and witty, has some sense of humor, speaks his mind and it's afraid to be open and honest
Bio: A traveling engineer who likes meeting new people and wants to discover new technology.
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There was once a time when the town of Glasford was a place where normal people and those who studied and used magic could coexist in peace. However, due to some issues with five powerful magicians who aimed to use their powerful magic to take over the town and eventually the entire world, things changed in the town. Through the help of some gifted fighters, the magicians were brought to justice. The five magicians, who called themselves the Big Five, were imprisoned inside a special prison, a tower on a hill known to the people as Tower Penitentiary. Because of the actions of the Big Five and their magic, the people of Glasford began to fear and eventually despite all magic users, leading to a townwide ban on magic. From that point onward, magic users were punished in a way close to murderers and they were left to rot in the mostly unused Tower Penitentiary.

Five years passed since the Big Five's members were all executed (as far as the townsfolk know.) Glasford is preparing for it's annual town festival close to Halloween, but due to mysterious ghost sightings, progress on the festival has been slow. Rumor has it that the ghosts are actually the ghosts of the Big Five, but of course, there's no proof of this, and since access to Tower Penitentiary is hard to get without being a criminal of magic use, there was no way to prove whether or not the Big Five were actually haunting the town as ghosts or not.

During a break from her schoolwork and her second life as a monster hunter, Crystal, and by association, her companion and friend (if you can even call him that) Aurawing, were visiting Glasford for the town festival due to a letter from Crystal's uncle, who she hasn't seen since she was three. Since her uncle was renting out rooms in his rather large house for tourists and travelers, she had plans to stay with him and maybe look into the rumors about the ghosts.

Now, right away, you notice I didn't mention anything about your character or their role here. I think it would be better if your character had their own reasons for ending up involved rather than me throwing them into the scenario by force. What they're doing in town and their reasons are all up to you.

(Male or female needed)
(Your character can have powers of their own too. Just nothing too overpowered and we'll be fine)
(Magic is banned in Glasford...but if you can get away with it, then there should be no trouble, right?)
(Romance/Hentai can be a thing if it comes to that)
(My post length varies, so I'll just say let's try to avoid one liners)
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