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Hi everyone - sleep well tonight, and get a good amount of rest before the exam tomorrow! Please make sure you are in by 8.50 tomorrow, as we will be hoping to start at 9am. Pass it on!

Hi miss! I was wondering what should the minimum dimensions of the canvas for the Visual Art & Design large scale painting/mural be? I have 1 canvas which is 80 x 60cm and another that is about 90 x 60cm. Are those big enough?

For Dylan:

So sorry, I've just realised your lunch break is different to mine on a Thursday and I'll be in a meeting from 1pm. Let's talk tomorrow.

Hi miss
on Friday I was in the art department looking for my folder and my portfolio, which had been left here ever since you were marking our portfolios. In my portfolio I had the books for wearable art and the ones we had done so far this school year, I’m almost absolutely sure that my books from the very beginning of year 10 when we were doing ’urban’ were in my folder along with several other pieces.

Unfortunately I could not find my folder and when I found my portfolio there was only 1 of my books there and it was the last book for wearable art which is not even half full. Because of this problem I went home and throughly looked in my house for the books, just in case I took them home (which I was sure I did not) As I suspected I could not find them. I’m now getting quite worried about where my books are because They have to be moderated so soon. I just wanted to tell you this because I I’m not sure what to do.

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Would anyone be willing to send me pictures of there criteria brief, it would be a massive help...


Out of Asia: just noticed there's a tv series called 'The Art of Japanese Life' on BBC4. Episode 1 is on iPlayer and episode 2 is on this evening. Might be worth a watch! Take notes, write it in your bibliography, and use it for some more ideas for further research.

Hi miss I lost my brief thing you gave me. Would you mind posting a link to it or something like that?
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