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Looking to start up a group for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. I will  be running this on Sundays at 1:30 starting February 22/15 for approximately 4-5 weeks, or until we have completed the first adventure "Lost Mine of Phandelver". This is a great intro adventure for those new to the current edition of Dungeons and Dragons. 

Location of the game will be run at Table Junkies, 112 Main Street North. Sundays at 1:30pm. 

Common Questions:
Can you make your own character? Yes, the Player's Handbook has rules for making your own character. Try messaging me, and I'll let you know if anyone has made up a character like what you have in mind.

I have never played, do I have to make up my own character? No, I'll have some pre generated characters on hand so that even if you have never played, you can start playing right there on the first day.

Do I need to bring anything? A pencil will be good to have on hand, and dice are helpful, but I will have some extra on hand that can be shared. You can always bring your own 5E player's handbook to the game, and they are copies available for purchase right at Table Junkies where we are going to be playing.

I don't have a player's handbook for 5E Dungeons and Dragons, can I still play? Yes. Here's the Website for the free basic rules.

Can I bring my friends? Yes. The game is designed for 3-7 players. So it's a group game, and if we have more than 7 players, we will have to figure out a system where we can get as many to play as we can. Maybe a 2nd game could be run if there's enough interest.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Simple concept, quick to watch

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A little strategy to help play your character.

Tomb of Annihilation Session 4 Oct 22/17

This session saw the addition of a new character, a black dragonborn paladin named Letleopard.

Spending the night at the Thundering Lizard inn, in the morning Varis the wizard went looking for a familiar, and soon had an owl join him, which he named Grr. While later, the group finished with gathering a few more supplies for their travels. This resulted in them being surprised by a dark skinned woman who had forced a large chunk of stone wall to come crashing down on the party, but resulted in minor harm. The group spotted her attempt to escape, and thwarted it. Her capture revealed she was likely a Yuan-Ti cultist. She was handed over the the Flaming Fist Company who explained that she would be given a trial.

Then they went back to the Temple of Savras to meet up with Grandfather Zitembe. He was glad to meet with the party, and he expressed some concern as he revealed that he believed their story about the Deathcurse. His visions revealed that there was a jungle city far to the South, enclosed by cliffs and crawling with snakes. Also that there was a black obelisk draped in vines. He explained that he felt that the group would be the ones to find this city to put a stop to the Deathcurse.

Leaving by foot into the jungles, it was extremely hot, humid and thick jungle to travel through. It didn't take long before they came across a sizable collection of Wukka nuts, a large fist sized nut that would glow as bright as a torch when shaken.

On the second day of their travels, they came upon a heard of Brontosaurii that were digging up and devouring Wildroots, before moving on. During that process Varis befriend a young Brontosaurus that enjoyed his attention immensely, and almost followed him before joining back with the herd.

And only ten minutes further of travel, they came across a grisly scene of seven zombies eating a large dead brontosaurs.They quickly put an end to the zombies permanently.

Finishing the day by finding a small oasis, a large waterfall that drains into a lake before it joins the river. The oasis was filled with hundreds of colorful parrots in a rainbow of colors.

All Pc's gained 150XP, with a 75 XP bonus for Varis, Darestrix, Sunashra, Skulldimmer, and Martin.

Terevrashot Noore 450xp
Varis Amekiir 650xp
Martin Condoin 475xp
Sunashra Gladomain 675xp
Kolton Tehum 350xp
Darestrix Garurt 525xp
Letleopard 2nd level
Skulldimmer Bullwark 325xp

Tomb of Annihilation Session Zero. Oct 1/17

Starting up the adventure Tomb of Annihilation, we got together as a group and built up characters together.
We have......
Terevashot Noore, the Highelf Ranger
Dannen Hasslinger, the black dragonborn rogue
Skuldimer 'The Wall" Bullwark, the human fighter
Sunashra Gladomain, the Wood Elf Monk
Kolton Tehum, the Aasimar Paladin
Varis Amekiir, the high elf Wizard

This part of the adventure saw the group of PC's meeting up in Waterdeep, specifically, in one of the homes of Syndra Silvane. There, they learned that other adventurers have been gathered as well. Under the promise of a reward in solving the "Deathcurse", they have been commisioned to head to Chult, where Sivan'e sources have indicated where the cause of the Deathcurse is located.

Seeming to be comprised of three seperate groups, the PC's, three half orc mercenaries, and another group seemingly led by a swashbuckler named Lafalia Baelfrost. Once an agreement was reached, Syndra Silvane brought the group to Chult by teleporting them all.

Arriving in Port Nyanzaru, the largest city of Chult, Sindra Silvane offered her intentions to wait in her friend's Manor, the Merchant Prince Wakanga O'tamu. The three groups tasked with finding the source of the Deathcurse, split and went off in their own plans to find and figure out the best course.

Everyone earned 100xp, with a role play bonus of 50 for the players of Varis, Sunashra, and Dannen

Terevashot Noore 100 XP
Dannen Hasslinger 150xp
Skuldimer Bullwark 100xp
Sunashra Gladomain 150XP
Koltron Tehum 100xp
Varis Amekiir 150xp

Tomb of Annihilation Session 3 Oct 15/17

The group had learned of the dinosaur racing taking place, and wanted to partake. They found a dinosaur handler, Kwalu, that was willing to take their gold to take part in the dinosaur racing. Terevashot, Varis, and Martin each paid to ride on a Hadrosaurus, while Darestrix dared to challenge himself with a Triceratops. Not easy to handle, the Triceratops was particularly difficult to control. Still, they managed to prove they could handle them, and were able to race their dinosaurs.

After racing, and watching some racing, it was Terevrashot was was able to round up enough coin to purchase the hadrosaurus he had raced. Named Dinosaurus, he still managed to have enough coin to saddle and bridle.

The group went to to investigate the large market, the Grand Souk to look for valuables, and gear up. But Varis was interested in magic scrolls, and that meant heading to Wakanga O'tamu's manor, where the merchant prince dealt in magic items.

Preparing to leave, Qawasha asked if it would be alright to stop by the temple on the way out, and it was there the group found three Zhentarim seeming to hassle one of the priests, a Grandfather Zitembe.They learn the Zhentarim were seeking out Artus Cimbar, but Grandfather Zimtembe would not help them due to them being evil.

Learning of their quest, Zitembe did agree to consult the guides on their behalf, but requested they come back tomorrow.

All Pc's gained 100XP, with a 50 XP bonus for Varis, Darestrix, Sunashra, and Martin.

Terevrashot Noore 300xp
Varis Amekiir 425xp
Martin Condoin 250xp
Sunashra Gladomain 450xp
Kolton Tehum 200xp
Darestrix Garurt 300xp

Tomb of Annihilation Session 1 Oct 8/17

This session saw a New PC join the group.
Martin Condoin, the Aasimar Ranger - Hired previously by Syndra Silvane, he was waiting in Port Nyanzaru for when others to join on her quest.

This session saw the group exploring the colorful city. One encounter saw the group investigating the "Executioner Row." Under the impression it was some sort of arena, they soon found out it was some sort of cruel form of corporal punishment. The PC's were soon concerned when a man was being forced into a long deep pit, where at the other end there was two velociraptors being let loose. Meanwhile a woman began to scream that was her husband in the pit, and he was a victim of mistaken identity, and never given a fair trial. The Pc's rushed into action, and one of them Dannen Hasslinger was killed in battle against one of the dinosaurs. But they managed to stop the two beasts, and save Drazza from the pit.

Due to their interference, they were arrested and taken to the Golden Palace where they would would face a trial. The Merchant Princess Jessamine allowed an investigation into Drazza, and it was revealed there was not a proper trial. Also learning the PC's were investigating the death curse, she was in agreement that Drazza is due a fair trial, and that she would like to see the PC's find the source of the Deathcurse and allowed them free. This is where Dannen's player had created a new character, Darestrix Garurt, a Lizardfolk Barbarian.

Getting their preparations underway, they went looking for a guide. One of them, a grizzled scarred dwarf missing an arm, Hew Hackingstone. Though after talking to the harbormaster, they learned he was not a licensed guide.

They do come across Qawasha, and Kupalue, a Chultan guide and his vegepygmy companion, which they do end up agreeing to help each other out. Qawasha will lead them, desiring that the group assist him in putting a stop to the undead they find while in the jungles.

PC's were awarded 100xp, plus a roleplaying bonus of 25xp for Varis, 50xp for Sunashra, and 50xp for Darestrix.

Teresvashot Noore 200xp
Varis Amekiir 275xp
Sunashra Gladomain 300xp
Martin Condoin 100xp
Darestrix Garurt 150xp

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