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Barbarians of Lemuria + Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea + B/X + The Witch = Crazy Good Time!

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Oh Boy! This community has been asleep for awhile. Since I last posted the pdf link, my group has played in the setting a bit and a lot has happened and a lot needs to be updated and added. So I did!

So, what has become of the projects discussed here?
I know Rangers & Rabbits got a commercial release. Mageblade is about to get one as well (right?). Also, Last Days of Atlantis looked finished or nigh finished when I last checked. Anything else I missed?

I wanted to add Critical Hit/Fumble and have a crit table. Do anyone know of good ones for B/X only? Another question is would these rules even be a good thing for a B/X game? The power level being so small for the game.

As it turns out I haven't written much for my setting book. Instead, I started a new document. The first section is my old referee guide which was part of my house rules document for a short while. It's basically my "how I run my sandbox" document. Then I added the cosmology, gods and demon lords from Raising a God, and now I'm busy writing a new monster manual with a lot of boring and well-known monsters because that's what I use in my campaign. The extra challenge is that I'm now trying to illustrate all the entries using the Zen Brush 2 app, sumi-e style.

I'm awfully late with Mageblade but playtesting is going really well! I hope to deliver an ashcan at Dragonmeet, complete with game-designer art :)

How is your playtest going?

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I neglected to post in here that I did finish Rabbits & Rangers. I posted it on OSR and on my feed, but here's a link:

This is pretty far afield from what I had in mind when I first talked about a "B/X challenge" idea. But the point was to get something done, which I did.

Maybe the next thing I do will be more in line with B/X. In fact, the campaign I'm running right now, which I call Deep Valley, is B/X with funky classes. It might evolve into a published project.

I hate to say this, but I doubt I will finish this by the end of September. I have a few things going on lately and this is just getting pushed a bit (which is pissing me off to say the least).

However I do need to get this done, and I really want to get this done. So I will do my best to get this in your hands at some point.

Cheers everybody! 

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A little more information on the "Somewhere in deep blue space" project.

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A little WIP of the "blue planet". 
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