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Welcome to the Wings of Fire RP (And chat)! These are the Rules, some things you need to know before roleplaying, and the character template! Read all of these and then you can create a dragon using the character template!


1. No insulting other roleplayers or the Owner, Moderators, etc.
2. No swearing, no sexism, racism, etc.
3. Before you can roleplay, the Owner or a Moderator must approve your character template
4. Ask the Owner before creating a dragon that has a specific Tribe situation (for example, if your dragon is half SkyWing and half SeaWing or something like that)
5. Do not make a Mary Sue character! (A perfect character, if you didn't know)
6. No power playing (dodging every attack, etc) and no bunnying (moving another roleplayer's character without permission)
7. If you would like to make a royal character, ask the Owner
8. Only post things in chat that are related to WOF, please! No spam/chain messages especially!
9. Follow the rules, duh.


1. Before making your character, read the rules.
2. You can only have 3 dragons, and only one of your dragons can be a Queen. If one dragon dies and the other becomes Queen, that's fine.
3. Your dragons cannot be immortal. Eventually, every Queen has to die and pass on the throne, and then you can make another dragon.
4. Wait until your character is approved before Roleplaying.
5. For now, there will only be a maximum of one prince and one princess per tribe.
6. Your dragon can be related to one of the dragons in the dragonet prophecy (like if you want to do Tsunami and Riptide) but nobody is roleplaying as them and they are not going to be included in our RPs.
7. Your dragon cannot be an animus or have firescales (scales basically immune to fire). This is unfair to everyone else.

Character Template Use this to make your dragon! Read rules before making a dragon! (Credit to +Julia the Cat Queen for the template <3)

Tribe: Ask Jules if you want to be half one tribe and half a different tribe
Crush/ Partner:

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Name: Queen Starstriker
Tribe: Nightwings
Age: 25
When Starsriker was a 7 years old, her sister went out to hunt so scavengers. When she never came home, Starstriker's mother, the queen, ordered so of the Nightwings to find her daughter. When the Nightwings came back, they said that Windseer had been killed by scavengers. A few year later, when she was 15, she challegnged her mother from the throne. After a few minutes, She finally one the battle.
Sister(deceased.) - Windseer
Father - Darkfall
Mother(deceased.) - Starfall
Starstriker is a very strong-willed dragon. She is very strict and doesn't like to be questioned. However, the reason she is so strict is because she is determined to protect her tribe.She does her best to not show any signs of weakness around others and keeps up her mature public image to keep up the moral of the tribe. She feels that if she ever appears nervous or scared, her emotions will cause the Nightwings to worry as well.
NightWings are described as "the night sky coming down on you" if they were to attack you. They move unseen through the shadows and blend into the night, which gives them a fearful reputation and makes them more deadly. They can also be described as being able to melt into the shadows, becoming slightly invisible.
These dragons are also able to breathe fire at any time, like SkyWings and SandWings. NightWings also appear to be slightly fire-proof shown with Vengeance and Starflight.
NightWings have been shown to be more active at night
(Copied off of Wings of Fire Wiki)
Starstriker was born under 1 moon and can see the future.
Likes: For some reasons, she really likes scrolls. Starstriker has written a few herself, but keeps them a secret. She of course loves her tribe and will do anything for them.
Dislikes: Starstriker hates Scavengers because they killed her younger sister. So when she has the chance, Starstriker orders all the scavenger dens to be burned. She also dislikes almost all of the other tribes because she thinks they are all below her and the Nightwings.
Picture (Optional):

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Hey, don't forget that we have a competition running in the Contests Section! It is a competition to make a new Queen for one of the Tribes (preferably for a Tribe without a Queen, please)! If you win, you get to play as your Queen without her counting as one of your 3 allowed dragons! 2nd and 3rd place also get to RP as them, but they count as 1 of the 3.

[Name]: Cloudburst
[Name Origin]: A violent and sudden rainstorm.
[Age]: 6
[Gender]: Male
[Dragon Type/Tribe]: SkyWing-RainWing Hybrid
[Hatching Day]: January 13th
[Kingdom]: Possibility(If that's considered a "Kingdom")
[Occupation]: Citizen
[Rank]: None/Citizen
[Build]: Tall, Moderately Muscular, Lean(It's the same concept as Elites from Halo 2)
[Appearance]: Slightly prehensile tail that doesn't curve into a spiral like a RainWing tail, large wings like a SkyWing, though slightly shorter than average SkyWing wings(Wow, I'm saying the word "Wing" a lot). He has scales that can change color, but only to different natural SkyWing scale colors, and he also has eyes that are Heterochromic, and are Green and Orange. His scales are usually a Bright Red, like that of a tropical flower. His anatomy and body shape is more similar to that of a SkyWing rather than that of a RainWing. He also usually wears talon braces(same concept as finger braces so he doesn't get chips of wood and wood dust and other types of gunk in between his scales while woodcarving or sculpting. He also wears other types of protections when dealing with materials like glass so he doesn't cut himself.
* Flying
* Sculpting and Crafts
* Goats(As in, for food)
* Company(He's isolaphobic)
* Being alone(As I said literally two lines above, he's isolaphobic)
* Being restricted
* Embarrassment
* People who lack common sense
[Personality Traits]:
* Determined
* Creative
* Cautious/Distrusting(Occasionally)
* Straight forward
* Adamant
* Free-spirited
* Pan(RainWing; Father; Alive)
* Skyscraper(SkyWing; Mother; Deceased)
[Friends]: None(Open, I guess)
* Color-shifting scales(Can only change to different natural SkyWing colors.)
* Slightly prehensile tail(Can't wrap around objects but can be used as a hook.)
* Cannot breath fire or spit acidic venom(Not sure if that counts as an ability...)
[Bio]: For the most part, Cloudburst's life was normal. He grew up with both parents, though he was closer to his father, and was occasionally teased as he was a hybrid, but eventually he began not to care. He lived in a small home and his life was relatively happy for 4 years. His parents occasionally argued, but that was rare, and they tried to argue as little as possible when Cloudburst was around. Then, on Cloudburst's 5th hatching day, his mother was out hunting, ironically, during a heavy and relentless cloudburst. On her way back, she was struck out of the sky by a bolt of lightning, and her tail was paralyzed, so she couldn't balance herself and at least have a good landing. She fell to her death and Cloudburst and Pan found out a day after. This kind of traumatized Cloudburst, and made him feel guilty, as he wasn't as close to his mother, as well as angry. He was distraught by the disaster for months until Pan realized that this state of emotion wasn't healthy for Cloudburst, so Pan recommended that he had something to take his mind off of this, and that Skyscraper would not approve of Cloudburst like this, and would want him to continue leading his own life and not have it crumble in despair. Cloudburst eventually got into crafts and sculpting, and for the rest of the year Cloudburst put that disaster behind him, like his father said, and decided to live the rest of his life.

(Ik it uses a different format but gives all the info that this community format does.)

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A nightwing, icewing and seawing hybrid


HEY! Let's get some activity up in here! New members, read the rules and info post so that you know what to do! Make a dragon (or multiple dragons) and get it approved by a staff member so that we can start RPing! If nobody creates an RP by July 5th, I will make one myself.

Also, remember to share this community wherever allowed! (Public and on communities where it is allowed! We don't want to be inconsiderate :] )

+Jules The Meme Queen

Can I make Glory and Deathbringer's daughter, Firefly?

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Name: Firefly
Tribe: Rainwing/Nightwing
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Backstory: All will be revealed
Mother: Queen Glory
Father: Deathbringer
Grandmother: Quickstrike
Uncle: Prince Jambu
Personality: TBD
She can change different shades of purple.
Crush/ Partner: Open
Dragonets: Open

I'm putting this in the Announcements section so that it is partially easier to find :P

~~ Character Template! ~~ Use this to make your dragon! Read rules before making a dragon! Credit to Julia Chen for the template <3

Tribe (Ask Jules if you want to be half one tribe and half a different tribe):
Crush/ Partner:
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