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Welcome to the Wings of Fire RP! (And chat)! These are the **Rules* and some *things you need to know before roleplaying! Read all of these and then you can create a dragon using the character template!


1. No insulting other roleplayers or the Owner, Moderators, etc.
2. No swearing, no sexism, racism, etc.
3. Before you can roleplay, the Owner or a Moderator must approve your character template
4. Ask the Owner before creating a dragon that has a specific Tribe situation (for example, if your dragon is half SkyWing and half SeaWing or something like that)
5. Do not make a Mary Sue character! (A perfect character, if you didn't know)
6. No power playing (dodging every attack, etc) and no bunnying (moving another roleplayer's character without permission)
7. If you would like to make a royal character, ask the Owner
8. Only post things in chat that are related to WOF, please! No spam/chain messages especially!
9. Follow the rules, duh.


1. Before making your character, read the rules.
2. You can only have 3 dragons, and only one of your dragons can be a Queen. If one dragon dies and the other becomes Queen, that's fine.
3. Your dragons cannot be immortal. Eventually, every Queen has to die and pass on the throne, and then you can make another dragon.
4. Wait until your character is approved before Roleplaying.
5. For now, there will only be a maximum of one prince and one princess per tribe.
6. Your dragon can be related to one of the dragons in the dragonet prophecy (like if you want to do Tsunami and Riptide) but nobody is roleplaying as them and they are not going to be included in our RPs.
7. Your dragon cannot be an animus or have firescales (scales basically immune to fire). This is unfair to everyone else.

+Jules The Meme Queen
Can I make a MudWing/ RainWing?

Blizzard circled in the sky. Her eyes locked on something below her- a polar bear family on the ice and no where close to the water, a perfect spot. Blizzard swooped down, aiming for the smallest one. She caught it in her claws and swopped higher. As she flew, she stabbed the poisonous barb on her tail in the polar bear's chest. Thats when...

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Name: Firefly
Tribe: Rainwing/Nightwing
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Backstory: All will be revealed
Mother: Queen Glory
Father: Deathbringer
Grandmother: Quickstrike
Uncle: Prince Jambu
Personality: TBD
She can change different shades of purple.
Crush/ Partner: Open
Dragonets: Open

I'm putting this in the Announcements section so that it is partially easier to find :P

~~ Character Template! ~~ Use this to make your dragon! Read rules before making a dragon! Credit to Julia Chen for the template <3

Tribe (Ask Jules if you want to be half one tribe and half a different tribe):
Crush/ Partner:

[Open rp]

*A SeaWing dived in and out of water as it unknowingly headed inland away from the Summer palace*

+Jules The Meme Queen

Can I make Glory and Deathbringer's daughter, Firefly?

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Ship me with a Wings of Fire character, please! :P

I have named a Moderator! Congratulations +Julia the Cat Queen !!

You have showed respect to all members of the for now small community, and helped me in many ways. Thank you for your help! I know I can count on you to be a great moderator. You can now Approve Character Templates and answer Questions For Owner (if able). There may be more that I will allow Mods to do in the future. You may only pin posts if you ask me for permission first. 

This is the new Contest Section!! We will hold contests here! **THIS IS THE FIRST CONTEST!! :D

Make a Queen! Any Tribe except for SkyWing and RainWing. Post it as a COMMENT on THIS POST. The winner/2nd place/3rd place gets to...

1st. Roleplay as their Queen (if they want) [Doesn't count as 1 of 3 max. dragons]
2nd. Roleplay as their Queen (if they want) [Counts as 1 of 3 max. dragons]
3rd. Roleplay as their Queen (if they want) [Counts as 1 of 3 max. dragons]

Competition Template

Picture (Optional):


Once we get 4 or 5 entries, I will judge! Good Luck!! Also; if the winning Queens have repeating Tribes, you can just edit your Queen to be in a different Tribe. :)
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