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All though life doesn't always play out the way we fantasize it to be, we can and will adapt to all obstacles thrown our way. As a single mother raising an Autistic child we always look to the positives in all situations, you might say it is a survival mechanism. Charmnsam was created out of such need and last hope to earn a living for my son and I. We are survivors of domestic violence and when all seemed hopeless Mommy found a world wind of strength and creativity to keep surviving. I put my heart and soul into my selling, customer service and appreciation are my number 1 concerns. I started making jewelry for stress relief , self satisfaction and confidence. The need to make a living to support my son and unable to work in the job world due to many disabilities both mental and physical I adapted this plan. Looking forward to spreading my wings and taking flight with no ceiling to hold me down We are free to live our lives as We want and are very grateful for this beautiful life we have. As we grow we will advocate for Domestic violence, autism and Animal welfare. Here's to the next chapter and helping those who helped us see that the world is ours to make a difference one day at a time. thank you Samantha at charmnsam.

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