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TOP Careers today is dedicated to Daniele Chindemi now HSE Coordinator in Sicim Israel. He attended Dirextra Master's programme in Construction and oil & Gas in 2013 (20th Edition).
He worked on 3 projects: Congo, Turkey and he become HSE Coordinator in Tel Aviv (Israel)

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Congratulation to Engineer Andrea Blanco, Luca D'Apolito,
Paolo Nigro (Manchester 26th, Professional Engineers Construction and Oil&Gas Sector) hired by Italiana Costruzioni on the Red Line North Underground Doha Metro System Project.
They are flying today to Doha in Qatar.
Congratulation guys from all of us! Good Luck!
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Top Careers in Construction today is dedicated to the career of an engineer that in a few years has become Technical Engineer at Salini Impregilo: “Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project" (Malaysia).
Aldo is candidate to became in few time Manager in Construction Sector.

Here you have some details about Aldo Giamblanco:
Eng. Aldo Giamblanco (1986) -Attended to +Dirextra Engineering Construction Infrastructure School Master in Business Engineers Dirextra 19th Edition 2012.
After the internship expected from the Dirextra Master's Program, Aldo was hired by Salini Impregilo and sent to Malaysia in 2013.

Now Aldo role is Technical Engineer for the Ulu Jelai hydropower project at Salini Impregilo.

Project analyst and designer for the Technical Office concerning steel and concrete structure. The project is located approximately 200 Km north of Kuala Lumpur in the state of Pahang. The main component is the construction of the Susu dam on the Bertram River, more than 80 metres high and constructed entirely using the advanced technology of RCC (roller compacted concrete). In addition to the dam, the project involves the construction of an underground plant, which will house two Francis turbines with a power output of 191 MW each and the construction of approximately 26 Km of hydraulic tunnels, of which approximately 15 Km excavated with Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). The installed power of the system is 382 MW.

Engineer at Consorzio Stabile EBG
He has worked on the following projects for the public sector: Hospital in Al - Yousifia (Baghdad), residential building (Modena)

Attached some beautiful pictures of the dam.
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Keep going Ernesto Corrado success and career.
Welcome to Mozambico by Dr. Ernesto Corrado (Master in Controller's Construction and Oil&Gas - 2014) working at CMC.
From South Africa to Mozambico always with CMC

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Top Careers in Construction today is dedicated to Dr. Ernesto Corrado (Master Controller's Construction and Oil&Gas Sector) hired as Cost Control by CMC Africa Austral. Now he is working in the Construction building site in Lady Smith in South Africa.
Here indication on how to contact him:
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Top Careers in Construction Today is dedicated to Lawyer Saverio Busto (Master of Business Jurist ed. 2008)

Submitted as an internship in the Tender Office of Toto General Contractor, as a lawyer in charge of the legal support necessary to its participation in competitions, national and international interest, has done this task from January 2009 to December 2010.
He joined the Head Office in the selection of tenders, preparing documentation for the pre-qualifying and the races, in the next phase award.
In collaboration with the Legal Department has prepared agreements and covenants in the field of Associations of Building and specifically established for holding and taking care of the contributions associated with business and the Stations General Contractor / Clients.

Since January 2011 he was transferred, resulting in a change of duties and contractual status, the Office of Legal and Corporate Affairs of that Toto SpA Costruzioni Generali, dealing operations - even in support of outside counsel - the civil, criminal and administrative, not only resulting from contracts entered into by public and private companies, but also of the litigation and not referring to the other Group companies Industrial Toto.
Assistance in negotiation, execution and management of contracts / subcontracting and concession and of the acts of incorporation of Joint Venture / ATI, of pooling and shareholders' agreements.
In supporting the Tender Office, study and proposed definitions of key legal problems - administrative stages of study / preparation and follow-up of the tender offer.
Transactions with associated companies, General Contractor and third stations.

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Top Careers in Construction today is dedicate to Eng. Domenico Lombardo. Here you have some information and how to contact him

Eng. Domenico Lombardi (1980) – Master’s Program Business Engineers Dirextra 5th Edition -2007. He is Country Project and Budget Control Manager at Astaldi Construction Corporation since March 2013 in Miami Florida, Stati Uniti He was in the past Project Controller (Poland Branch) for Astaldi for 2 years for the following Projects Project controller for “2nd line of Warsaw Underground Rondo Daszynskiego – Dworzec Wilenski” Design and Build project at Astaldi Poland Branch. The largest municipal investment in Poland to be carried out by 2014.  The length of the line is 7 km.  There are seven stations: Rondo Daszyńskiego, Rondo ONZ, Świętokrzyska,, Nowy Świat, Powiśle, Stadion and Dworzec Wileński Stations.  Approximate total cost of the project is 4.76 billion PLN. Half of the total investment is subsidized from European Union Funds.  The Investor is the capital city of Warsaw represented by the Public Transport Authority; substitute investor is Metro Warszawskie Sp. z o.o.  he Contractor is AGP Metro Polska which is a civil partnership established by Italian, Turkish and Polish consortium partners : ASTALDI S.p.A , GÜLERMAK Ağır Sanayi İnşaat ve Taahhüt A.Ş. and Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Dróg i Mostów Sp. z o.o. from Mińsk Mazowiecki. Project controller for “Upgrading of National road N8 – section running from Piotrków Tribunalski to Rawa Mazowiecka” Design and Build Project He was for 2 years Cost Controller and Quantity Surveyor (Bulgaria Branch) at Astaldi Cost controller and QS for “Plovdiv – Svilengrad : Railway electrification and upgrading of corridors IV and IX” Design and Build project. He starts working trough Dirextra Master’s Program inclusion as Project Manager Assistant (London Branch) at Co.GE.L. as Cost Controller, QS, Planning. Project Manager’s assistant on the Project “Franklin Hotel” of London.

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News from Qatar: Popular figures are engineers. It speaks of the use of several thousand graduates for the next three years. Many come from abroad because those "baked" from Qatar University will not be enough. Many will take care of the realization of works for the World Cup in 2022.
CV to:

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Top Careers in Construction today is dedicated to the career of an engineer that in a few years has become Supervisor Assistant Resident Engineer at Road Construction: “Widening and Reconstruction of Coast Road from NA 8 to Commonwealth Cemetery” (55 million euro) (Malta). Antonio is candidate to became in few time Top Managers in Construction Sector.

Here you have some details about Antonio:
Eng. Antonio Dell'Isola (1981) - Master "Corporate Engineers in the Construction Sector" - Currently: Supervisor Assistant Resident Engineer in AIG Joint Venture – Malta, Supervisor of works as per Transport Malta authority nomination, Key Expert approved by DoC (Dipartment of Contract) at Road Construction: “Widening and Reconstruction of Coast Road from NA 8 to Commonwealth Cemetery” (55 million euro) (Malta). In the past he was the Responsible re-study tender of the Construction works of touring emergency and crash barriers of the highway A22 between Bolzano and Salorno, Alpin Costruzioni Generali.

He build a 4-lane road (55 million euro) with new underground utilities (pipelines for bodies in pressure and gravity, new conduits for electricity, cable ducts for fiber optics). It has a very high power of about 200 workers, their leaders and Site Manager, gives orders verbal and written but especially "takes decisions and makes practice"; this aspect is very important.
The choices and decisions Antonio are backed by the Team Leader and Transport Malta client listens to his speeches in meetings and asking opinions.
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