Ok let me just express how absolutely disgusted with they way people are bashing and ripping on batman v superman first off let me say that there has been a dumbing down all around the board in our culture weather it music, news or movies we have been programmed to be simpletons. the same goes for the MCU the marvel cinematic universe now not putting down marvel at all but MCU has a very abc easy to understand formula to there films nothing challenging nothing too layered and nothing left to the imagination, also very bright and filled with pop culture, so when an politically conscience challenging film that doesn’t spell everything out for you because the film makers believe there audience is intelligent enough to figure it out and leaves you with things to ponder the reaction is “This movies shit” or I don’t like it because he’s doing something different with the characters. See people complain about how they want to see some totally different with a character because of how boring said character is becoming and then someone like Zack Snyder says ok you want different ill give you different and evolves classic character into a relevant modern world it may have been cool in the past to believe that a guy in a bat suit could take down 15 to 20 men who all had automatic weapons with his hands was ok but believe or not but some people are smart and realize that if your coming at these character from a real world angel well then that mean that these character have to act accordingly an you know what one man with no guns against 10 guys with guns well the one guy is going to die the greatest martial arts in history Bruce lee even said in an interview it don’t matter how good you are at fighting if someone has a gun threes no karate in the world that’s going to save you an so you might think its crazy but if you want use to believe one man can take on all these guys he’s going to have to take down some of these guys an I don’t mean an MMA take down either he’s going to have to end a few of them because that is how it would happen in the real world and Zack Snyder has been clear from the start that he is looking at his dc universe from a totally real world real life point of view he’s asking the question if these people actually existed how would are world react how would Clark Kent be having actually been raised from a new born baby as a human an so has all the emotional angst that a human has but then finds out not only the people he though were his parents are not but he’s not even human not from this planet even then your told by your dead birth father that he sent you to save the world how would that effect a person and he’s spot on in his depiction of a world with heroes I mean there are people in this country terrified of quote on quote illegal aliens coming to are country I mean absolutely terrified when all there scared of are other human being just trying to make a better life for themselves and there families if there that afraid of other humans imagine a super powered being coming to our planet I don’t think there’s a word to express the fear people would have. so when people say batman v superman is a bad film there wrong its just not what there use to see it’s a smart adult artful intellectual superhero movie using character that have been around since the very beginning of superhero comic book culture its not the turn your brain off don’t have to think just eat pop corn movie like the marvel films this film wants you to use your brain an using your brain isn’t cool these days been dumb and numb its
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