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I’m Jeffrey Toy, creator of the Bionic Bed.

This is a Medical grade reclining chair that provides greater comfort and health by individually supporting your torso, arms and legs, promoting better blood circulation.

Lay on your side using a standard mattress, the weight of your torso can cut-off blood circulation to your arms, the weight of one leg laying on the other can also reduce blood flow and comfort. The Bionic Bed carries the weight of your torso so your limbs can "breath" and move freely with you; bend a knee, move your arm as you sleep, The Bionic Bed moves with you!

A product with multiple uses, the Bionic Bed would be an asset for:

·        Sleep Apnea patients - Sleeping on the side position helps keep air passages open (74% of Americans sleep on their sides).

·        Airline passenger seating – On long distance flights, the passenger can stay in a seated position, lay down on their back, roll over on their side, even do a leg work out with a stair stepper type exercise, greatly reducing the risk of DVT (Deep vein thrombosis) all while safely strapped in with a 4 point harness.

·        Recovering from an injury or surgery – The Bionic Bed can lay you on the opposite side of your injury reducing discomfort and speeding healing.

·        A great portable bed for a quick afternoon nap in the office or staying the night in a hospital room with a loved one.

·        Flight simulator for gaming.

·        Increasing the comfort and quality of rest for the disabled (Adaptable to wheel chairs).

Jeffrey Toy has spent the last thirty years in manufacturing and new product development. With a qualified team of associates, the goal of this campaign is to launch this project into a product that can be a great health benefit to many. Our funding campaign will help provide tooling, production, and promotion.

Contributors will receive substantial discounts. 

I'm proud of the work my team has done on this project, I believe we are poised for success!



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