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Welcome! Here are the rules of the Guild!

1. Make a profile. It must be approved by a moderator before you roleplay on this community. Here is the link to the template:

2. You can only be an existing Pokemon. No fakemon, no, humans, or anything of that nature besides existing Pokemon. The list of legendary Pokemon available is in this link:
3. Cursing is allowed, but keep it minor. No serious swearing, please.

4. Absolutely no posts of a ...sexual... nature. Shipping is allowed, but no hentai or porn.

5. Listen to the moderators.

6. To form a team, find another person with an approved profile and ask to form a team. Go the the Guildmaster's office and ask to make a team. There is a maximum of 8 people on a team, and 4 can go on missions at a time.

7. You can have 3 regular OCs and one side character. The side character is for a facility: to make a facility, private message me.

8. Here are the rules for level up:

9. Here is the scenario:

Thank you, and have fun!

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Nickname: Kimberly
Species: Floette or Single Bloom
Gender: Female
Ability: Symbiosis
Level: 19
Moves: Solar Beam, Grassy Terrain, Magical Leaf, and Aromatherapy (Yeah Kinna Lame But That's How Far I Got :|)
Nature: Quiet
Likes: flowers, the ocean..or lake, Pokepuffs, healing others, and bows for some strange reason
Dislikes: thunder...that's it ._.
Bio: Kimberly's actually a normal Floette, she really loves healing other Pokemon when they're injured. She's working on that healing stuff so she's a amateur. She's a really quiet one so talking to others sometimes rattle her up a bit, but she'll enjoy talking to others.
(Yeah I'm New To Pokemon Roleplay In General...So Sorry About Being A Noob On It! ^^")

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Nickname: Greyson James Lequitis III
Species: Froakie
Gender: Male
Ability Torrent
Level: (Maximum level is 25) 15
Moves: (Egg moves, TMs, Move Tutor moves allowed) Water pulse, quick attack, pound, lick
Nature: Timid
Likes: Music, Male pokemon, Lacrosse, Female pokemon
Dislikes: His Uncle Empoleon
Bio: When he was born, he found both genders attractive. that's why his grandfather, Greyson Jame Lequitis Sr. was mean to him. so Greyson III Left for the guild after the only friend he had, His uncle Colby, dissapeared
+Questionable Whisper the Shipper 
+Rose The Roleplaying Glaceon 

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Name: Midnight
level: (maximum 30) 8
Species: eevee
Likes: getting presents. Sleeping. Spending time with friends (especially +Goldlight The Umbreon​​)
Dislikes: seeing her friends hurt. Not getting what she wants.
Family: none
Bio: a kind hearted shiny eevee that likes to play. Midnight is a best friend to all. She can be spoilt at time but she always tries to make things right. She has a crush on a certain umbreon
Baby doll eyes,
Sweet kiss 

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Name: Goldlight
Level: (maximum 30) 15
Species: Umbreon
Likes: the night, dark type poke-food, being stroked and having his ears scratched
Dislikes: pokemon being mean, daylight, having his belly tickled and losing
Family: none
Bio: a Umbreon that will be your best friend unless you annoy him, and while he can be lazy and lounge around, Goldlight isn't one to back down from a challenge. He's brave but will often challenge foes far greater then him. Because of this he settles for moving around at night so he can use the darkness to his advantage.
Shadow ball,
Double team,
Quick attack,
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Name: Luna
Species: Glaceon
Gender: female
Level: 17
Moves: iron tail, ice beam, quick attack, bite
Nature: timid
Likes: +shadow the lucario​ and her friends
Dislikes: Mean pokemon
Bio: Luna was often bullied
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Name: jasper
Species: lucario
Nature: timid
Ability: steadfast
Level: 15
Moves: aura sphere, power up punch, close combat, bone rush
Gender: male
Likes: helping others, being helpful, nice Pokémon
Dislikes: mean pokemon, ghost types, fire types
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This community is dying!
Everyone get active we about to reboot this place

+Epic Marshtomp
+Viraj Munasinghe
+Flaming Rayquaza
+Rose The Roleplayer
+Questionable Whisper the Shipper
+Ryze The Riolu
+Miles Tails Prower
+Cinder the Charizard
+Bryson Lepage

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"The name's Powerbrand. I feel like I'll be here for a while, so I'll try to get comfortable."

Nickname: Powerbrand
Species: Turtwig
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow
Level: 13
Moves: Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Razor Leaf
Nature: Modest
Likes: Being directed/led by another, big numbers
Dislikes: Seemingly pointless or useless actions; being the lead of an operation (continuation of one of his likes)
Bio: Powerbrand has, despite being Level 13 here, been on adventures for about 7 years now. He started when Team Rocket destroyed his human village, and was left to die... or what he thought was dying. He was summoned by a Gardevoir and turned into a Squirtle- and that's when his adventure truly began. Every time thereafter he died (like, actually die, not faint), he was reborn in another body, another Life, as he calls it. From being turned from an Emboar to bacon by a Gible named Stupid Say What to turning into a Dark Turtwig and dying right afterward to the hands of Skrub Batman, he'd seen it all. Then he woke up one day as a Turtwig in a different world: this world. For once, he felt safe. He found his way to the Guild, and there his adventure truly began. He from previous experience knew he needed a team to lead him to success; and maybe he could get a little stronger, too.

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+Questionable Whisper the Shipper made a post
Nickname: Cynder.
Species: Cyndaquil.
Gender: male.
Ability: blaze.
Level: 15.
Moves: TM: flamethrower & dig. Normally learned: ember & tackle.
Nature: Timid.
Likes: spicy food, oranges, hanging out with friends & night-time walks.
Dislikes: jerks/bullies, rain & lettuce/cabbage/sprouts/coliflour/brocollie.
Bio: A shy but emotionaly unstable Cyndaquil who rarely opens up even to his friends but has a lot of emotions bottled up inside that get realised when he gets angry.
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