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I broke a tine off of my favorite dip pen nib - an Eagle Pencil Co. E40. Do these still exist? All I can find are the ones that say "BANK" on them. Mine doesn't.

So where do all the fountain pen users, fans, and enthusiasts hang out nowadays? Back in 2013~2014, I used to find them a lot on FPN (Fountain Pen Network), a forum where I met my share of pen users, ink aficionados and nib lovers alike. Last I heard, someone mentioned they've all moved on to Facebook? (Which I don't have, since I tend to avoid social media.) ^-^

I guess I'm asking this because I have a bit of inks and pens I'd like to sell, and FPN's user-posted ads was the best place for me to find fellow FP fans for this stuff without the hassle of listing on sites like ebay or etsy. It was a small community, and everyone more or less knew everyone else, so the whole process went pretty smoothly.

Over the years, I've downsized my collection to a few staple favorites, so I'd like to give these other pens and inks a deserving home. :)

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I saw outrage directed at companies, outrage directed at individuals, outrage directed at the outrage. I saw anger, abuse, and people assuming bad intentions.

Notebooks, Backpacks, and the Culture of Outrage
#penaddict #fpgeeks #stationery

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Pen: Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoise with IB Nib
Ink: Pelikan Edelstein Smoky Quartz
Thought Inspiration: Bill Gates

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New review in my Pocket Notebooks Mega Monster Review series is up! Check out the #Kokuyo Systemic A6 Notebook.
@KOKUYO #paper #stationery #stationeryaddict #fpgeeks #penaddict #fountainpen #notebook #review #edc #review

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I think I ruined inexpensive pens for me. Ever since I got a Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue with a B nib back in March, I seldom, if ever, use any other pens. I recently got a Lamy Vista, filled it with the nice Montblanc William Shakespeare velvet red... and it's just sitting here on my desk, looking forlorn at me. I used to want a Vista so, so much! Now I only have eyes for the 3776. I've got about 30 pens on my collection, from cheap $6 Jinhaos to $70 TWSBis, with Lamys, Schneiders, Sheaffers, Nemosines, Watermans, Pilots and other Platinums in between. Now not only I only want to write with the 3776, I'm seriously considering buying another one, this time in Soft Fine.

Platinum cursed me!

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This article is a bit old (15 years and he has since passed away)

This is the man who made my fountain pen. I probably bought mine in 98 or so when they came to Isetan in Shinjuku for some event.

It has a gold ring that slides up and down. If you put your pen cap on the end, slide it back, if not, slide it forwards. He explained to me how it affected the balance and had me try it to prove it.

It did indeed make a difference and I bought it.

Back then I was like "I can't believe I spent that much on a pen."

It was cheap too, the decorated ones went up to the price of a small mercedes (if there is such a thing.)

His disciple carries on his work.
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