Name:Alexis Tomlinson//Muriel Walters//Gabby Walters//Louis Tomlinson (Someone has to role play as him)//Harry Styles (Someone has to role play as him).Hair color:Alexis:Blonde when dry brown when wet and light blonde when it's sunny//Muriel:Does not have any hair because of leukemia//Gabby:Brown//Louis:Brown//Harry:Curly brown.Skin color:Alexis:Caucasion//Muriel:Caucasion//Gabby:Caucasion//Louis:Pale//Harry:Caucasion.Personality:Alexis:Shy,sweet,quite quiet,sporty,playful,happy,cute (what Harry describes her as),fun,kind,funny,loyal,friendly,happy,caring,and defender of the people (what her first name means)//Muriel:Sporty,Playful,Happy,Cute,Fun,Kind,Shy,Loyal,very quiet,friendly,funny,and sweet//Gabby:Sporty,playful,happy,cute,fun,kind,shy,loyal,friendly,funny,sweet,and very quiet//Louis:Loud,sporty,flirty,cheeky,playful,happy,cute,hot,fun,kind,funny,friendly,loyal,caring,talkative,and gentle//Harry:Flirty,cheeky,funny,friendly,sporty,playful,happy,cute,fun,kind,loyal,and caring.Cutie Mark:Alexis:ONone (She is in the cutie mark crusaders//Muriel:A microphone//Gabby:A bible//Louis:Carrots//Harry:Cats.Type:Alexis:Earth pony but mostly a human//Muriel:Earth pony but mostly a human//Gabby:Earth pony but mostly a human//Louis:Pegasus but mostly a human//Harry:Earth pony but mostly a human.Crush:Alexis:Harry//Muriel:Louis//Gabby:Louis//Louis:Both Muriel and Gabby.Also Blueswirl//Harry:Alexis.Likes:Alexis:Hary Styles,music,singing,animals,children,and trees//Muriel:Louis Tomlinson,animals,children,trees,music,singing,drawing,art,reading the bible,telling jokes,laughing,friends,best friends,and family//Gabby:Louis Tomlinson,animals,children,trees,music,singing,drawing,art,reading the bible,telling jokes,laughing,friends,best friends,family,and music//Louis:Muriel Walters,Gabby Walters,animals,children,trees,music,singing,and Blueswirl//Harry:Alexis Tomlinson,animals,children,trees,music,friends,best friends,and family.Dislikes:Alexis:Seeing Harry get hurt,animal abusers,child abusers,tree cutters,Bullies,and Blueswirl//Muriel:Seeing Louis get hurt,animal abusers,child abusers,tree cutters,Bullies,Mean people,and blueswirl//Gabby:Seeing Louis get hurt,animal abusers,child abusers,tree cutters,bullies,mean people,and blueswirl//Louis:Seeing Muriel get hurt,seeing Gabby get hurt,seeing blueswirl get hurt,animal abusers,child abusers,tree cutters,bullies,and Sweetie music//Harry:Seeing Alexis get hurt,animal abusers,child abusers,tree cutters,bullies,mean people,and blueswirl.Age:Alexis:13 turning 14 on January 28th//Muriel:16 (Is immortal)//Gabby:16 turning 17 on April 9th//Louis:22 turning 23 on December 24h//Harry:20 turning 21 on February 1st.

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Hey everypony i am sesahomaru. I am a black stallion with a yin yang as a cutie mark. I also have a blue mane.

"It's a beautiful day" i say as i walk outside and see twilight sparkle and "hey twilight how you doing and i thought princess celestia supposed to be here today or is it tomorrow?" "it is supposed to be tomorrow but thanks for asking i thought everyone forgot about it and my day is doing well is there a reason why you are following me back to the library?" "actually there is a reason i was wondering if you had a cook book and cotton candy?" "yes i do have a cook book for that follow me" "thanks" "your welcome" we both gallop to the library and i get the cook book.

i got most of my house clean and all i had to do was clean the kitchen and when i was about to go to the kitchen there was a knock on my door i went to go see who it was and when i got to the door it was flutter shy in the other side i opened it and before i could ask what was wrong she went to my bedroom and hide i went to go get her out of my bedroom to talk to her she was in a corner crying and shaking i went up to her and asked "are you okay flutter shy" she shook her head and i was just going to leave her alone to go clean the kitchen.

i got up from my bed and  and got outside and started walking for the store on the other side of town and saw someone and said "hi how are you doing"

i got to my house and started making the cake and it is going to be vanilla and i am also making cotton candy

color: blue
hair: wavy
color of hair: pink
personality: sweet and fiendly
type: alicorn
cutie mark: cotton candy
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