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For bugs reports, please tell me what device you're using so I can look up the system specs, and also what android version you're using (preferably the version number, ie, 5.2.2, 2.3.3, etc) but only if it's relevant!

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To which countries is the apk distribution restricted? I have a Brazilian Google Play account but am in Germany. It states that the apk is restricted in my country. :(

0.4.0 is rolling out! Here's what's new (there's a lot!):

- traits introduced! traits are passive abilities each class gets
- 3 new classes introduced
- monsters have gotten tougher
- weapon/armor/skills/traits remembered when changing classes
- items now have a description
- skill scaling has been scaled back
- new option to skip round results
- monsters choose combat targets more intelligently
- there is now a range indicator
- you now have to move towards your targets to interact with them

0.3.2 changelog

- you can now flee from combat. if you flee, your whole party flees with you.
- the Cleric class has been added (it has a pre-requisite to unlock it!)
- you can now find items. these come in many forms, including potions, spell-based items, and more
- Thief:Steal now steals items from enemies if they have any
- Thief:Hide now works, you can hide from enemies
- more Mage skills have been added

0.3.0 changelog

Lots of big stuff this week! Here's the full list:

- shops have been added; you can now buy 3 items from shops (these are some of the yellow dots)
- treasure chests have been added; you can now loot one item for free from treasure chests (these are yellow dots)
- dungeon chests/dungeons have been added; these are treasure chests with guaranteed above-average loot that have monsters around them. the monsters have to be killed before you can loot the chest!

Also, some dungeons can have certain types of monsters spawn around them. Currently there are:

- Plains (currently Gophers spawn here + some higher level hobgoblins)
- Temple (currently Cultists spawn here)
- Cave (most monsters spawn here, + Zoobats (a new monster))
- Tower (currently only Zoobats spawn here)
- Fortress (currently Guardians spawn here)

What do you think would fit here? I would love to add more variety in the monsters!

If you sell an item that you have multiples of it will sell all of them. I had two breastplates and upon selling one of them they both disappeared

0.2.0 changelog (currently rolling out):

- Parties!

To form a party, you simply click "create a party" from the new Party menu. Anyone that joins you must be within 200 meters of you to join (this is to encourage you to play together). If anyone enters combat, everyone will enter combat. The level of the monster you fight is determined by the person who entered the fight, so keep that in mind!

You will get a 12.5% XP bonus per person in your party (to encourage team play). You get no xp, gold, or items if you're dead at the end of combat. If you're too high-leveled (5+ levels higher than the monster) compared to the monster you're fighting, it's possible to get no experience for the fight. Conversely, if you're lower-level (up to 5 levels lower), you can get up to 200% XP. If you're 5+ levels below the monsters level, you will still only get 200% XP.

I'm sure there are a ton of bugs with this, please let me know what you find!

0.2.2 changelog

Found a ton of bugs after pushing and testing the app on all of my devices, but also some strange logic errors that I didn't catch earlier.

- game is now locked in portrait view
- combat screen got some visual improvements
- party joining requirements have been added
- party xp gaining was adjusted (in a good way)
- fix auto-revive bug
- removing some annoying tooltips
- more work to fixing a "stuck in combat" bug
- fix party screen "squishing"
- implementing "auto confirm if only living member" option

v0.1.0 changelog (rolling out)
- you can now gain xp and level up (the max level is 50)
- you can now get loot from monsters (monsters can sometimes spawn with equipment)
- QoL improvements
- you can now change where your homepoint is once every 4 hours (tap your player on the map)
- you can now get gold
- your inventory has a limit of 50 items

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I also created a facebook page for those who would prefer that to get updates:
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