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The struggle is real
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Hiya, Sistas--Although I've gone through menopause (not gloating, but: YAY!!!), that portion of my life ruled by periods was just perfectly dreadful, so I can RELATE. I have some sort of hormone imbalance, to where my periods would typically last fourteen to seventeen MONTHS. Each. With only three or four DAYS between them. Essentially, I would go heavy 24/7 until I would come down with the 'flu, and once my fever got my temperature up to 104 F, my period would stop. When my fever would start coming back down and hit 101--100 F, guess what would start again? So, in my opinion I've earned my menopause good and proper. But trust me I still very much remember how miserating it was. This same hormone imbalance also made it to where my boobs didn't quit growing until I was thirty-eight or so. They're heavy as all get-out, and I have no choice but to go braless (because they don't make bras in my size). So, if there's any heavy-bosomed Sistas out there, I got your back too. Well, I've rambled long enough now. 'Bye till later!

I just got my fucking period
Fucking GREAT

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Y'know, if your period often sneaks up on you, I have a suggestion. Try to remember about when your period normally starts (or better yet, keep a journal) and a couple of days before you think it's gonna start, go ahead and start wearing your tampon/pad/other early. That way, it can't sneak up on you as easily :)

So ladies,when you are on your period you feel like exploding or wanting to kill yourselves,right? Yeah,me too
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