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*Welcome new and old members alike!*

Please try to invite new people into the community!
We are struggling to get our member counts up, and we would be very greatful even if you just post the link to this community to other communities (that allow it), or just post the link to your profile. Simply inviting people would be great! Thank you for reading this.

Please don’t mind the pinned post being the banner post at the same time ^^
I’m doing the best I can.

Anyways, Remember to read the rules once in a while!
Share art, make friends, comment on posts!
We all hope you have the best of times here!
Remember to read the rules, they are very important!

Make a post to introduce yourself to us!

Don't worry, we make sure Art Club has a friendly environment, for kids and adults alike!

Check the whole community! There are many things to get used to!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

*6/16/2018 Edit: The banner should be done in a week from now ;)*
*Some people have deleted their accounts in the past year, so some spots have opened up. Here's your last chance to enter the banner! One spot left!*

*Fun fact:*
The original Community banner made by a base was made before 500 members!

*Reserved Spots*
1: Colorful Horror
2: Phoena
3: Ms.Bonnie
4: Crystal the Hedgecat
5: GalaxieClaire
6: SnowflakeLover123
7: Gabriela A. Calo
8: Gamergirl 88
9: Blue Paws
10: BoopyBoopers
11: Carly Productions
12: Savanimations
13: Forsythia the Artist
14: Roxxane Delerosa
15: Eye Zodiotic
16: Vicky Caballero
17: Heartful Lou
18: TheAlmightyArchangel
19: Kitten Games
20: Bibee
21: Jack the Killa
22: AngelDoesThings
23: King Hecc
24: LazyBones
25: Blue Diamond
27: Kitty Sings
28: Harsin Sequin
29: Lime'o Boi
30: Jovana Lanik
31: Kaiden Animates
32: Scarlet Sky
33: Artist Hunt The Skeleton
34: Sour Mix

Original Base:

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I made some art of a KICK ASS jeager with a yukkuri in it. i used a nureal network to shade it. pretty good, eh?
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I'm into ddlc rn (despite I already suffered extreme ddlc nightmare twice) but I'll still love them, especially Monika🌸 here's my lil crossover [N.SQuaD X Doki Doki Literature Club]
DDLC©Dan Salvato

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why am i able to instantly adapt to other art styles?

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I heard someone say, "paint is useless." I proved them wrong.

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Yeah so I was bored XD
Funny story my brother took random eggs and gave them personality but my mom killed them so tribute to one of the 3 very beautiful eggos
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