Greg’s Status Screen-
Mental- 4 Focus: Destructive Magic Casting
Physical- 2 Focus: Magical Constitution
Social- 2 Focus: Ruler

Mental Skill - Magic - (5) Focus: Memorization
Mental Skill - Concentration (5) Focus: Spell Casting
Social Skill- Diplomacy (5) Focus: Extraplanar Creatures
Physical Skill- Intimidate (3) Focus: Mortal Creatures

Depleted Magic Reserves - 10

How to Play/ Player Knowledge - one off system
1 There are going to be a lot of things I don’t explicitly tell you. FIGURE THINGS OUT. There is usually rhyme and reason to what I do.
2 You are all going to literally be little voices in the protagonist’s head. I expect you to meta game and try to abuse what rules you have figured out.
3- Try to break the game, I do not care what you do. I just want to see what you decide to do. Simply write what you wish Greg to do, but you need to convince him to do it.
4- With people actively playing I will try to update every day.

Difficulty Levels-
Easy- 2
Medium- 4
Tough- 6
Difficult- 10
Legendary- 15
Godly- 25

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