The two Puerto Rican restaurants in Smyrna/Marietta have joined forces and secured a cargo plane to transport donated goods to Puerto Rico. The plane leaves on Sun Oct 1st. You have until Saturday Sep 30th to donate!
You can bring all supplies and donations to either Porch Light Latin Kitchen or Buen Provecho ATL Restaurant during their regular business hours (posted below). Any donation is welcome!!
Here is a list of supplies that are needed:
1. Bottled water (there is no drinking water on the island)
2. Insect repellent (this is critical!!)
3. Ziplock bag with travel sized toiletries
4. Canned goods (preferably those with a pull top opening)
5. Powdered milk
6. Hand sanitizer
7. Batteries (any size but especially C and D)
8. Baby formula
9. Diapers
10. Adult diapers
11. Baby wipes
12. First aid kits
13. Non prescription medicine (for children and adults)
15. Cleaning supplies
16. Feminine hygiene products
17. Duct tape
18. Trash bags
19. Disposable silverware
20. Sheets
21. Towels
22. Battery powered fans
23. Gloves
Porch Light Latin's address: 300 Village Green Cir SE Smyrna, GA 30080 Suite 110
Tues.-Fri: 11:45-2:30; 5:30-10pm
Sat: Noon-3; 5:30-10pm
Buen Provecho's address: 2468 Windy Hill Rd SE, Marietta, GA 30067
Tues.-Wed: 11:30-3:30pm
Th: 11:30-8pm

Update - they have enough supplies for this run but will start accepting donations again next week for another

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There is some confusion about how Portal submissions work and the submission limits that we want to clarify. Agents are allowed at most 7 submissions in the previous 14 days and the limit is not tied to processing the submission. For example, if you submitted 7 Portal candidates 13 days ago, tomorrow you will be able to submit 7 more.

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The Alliance of the Vanguards is seeking members!

What is the Alliance of the Vanguards?
Think of it as Niantic's version of an Ingress Ambassador Program.

What is an Ambassador Program?
Ambassadors, or Vanguards as we are calling them, are a group of compensated volunteers that perform various duties on behalf of, and in coordination with, Niantic, Inc. and the Ingress Global Community Manager.

What must a Vanguard do?
1) Act as an official sounding board and provide feedback on various things ranging from marketing ideas to software features.
2) Engage with and share content from the Ingress account.
3) Create content that the Ingress account can re-share and engage with.
4) Identify new Vanguards.
5) Support other programs like the Trusted Reporters, Embedded Reporters, etc.

Various levels of participation will earn various rewards. These range from custom bio cards to a trip to San Francisco once a year for a Vanguard summit.

What's the criteria to be selected? You must be:
1) level 8 or above.
2) passionate about Ingress.
3) an active Agent.
4) a veteran of at least one Anomaly in the last two years.
5) able to read, speak and write English.

What's the legal catch?
1) You'll be expected to sign an agreement that includes a non-disclosure agreement and other release forms.
2) Vanguards must be at least 18 years old.
3) Vanguards must be residents of countries where Ingress has been officially released.
4) Void where prohibited by law.

Do you have more information about this program?
The At-A-Glance document can be found here:

How do you apply?
Fill out the application form here: The application process will end on September 15th. Vanguards will be notified by October 1st (or sooner) if they have been selected.

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Ingress/GoRuck Operation Clear Field is in the Atlanta Area next weekend, with 3 events! Sign up on the links below.

Marietta, Friday 7/21, 6pm:

Centennial Olympic Park, Saturday 7/22, 10am:

Piedmont Park, Sunday 7/23, 10am:

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I need some help for a friend. He is helping his nieces make a 50th bday present for his sister. They want to put together a collage of notes from all 50 states that say exactly what this one does below but with YOUR state instead. Can you write that on a note card or piece of paper and send me a snap shot outdoors with landscape in the photo?

Our love for you is so big that it even reached....................!"

I've generally bragged about what good cross-faction relations we have here on the NE side of Atlanta and how I have always gotten along with local Res agents, despite the negative reports I have heard from other parts of the city and state of cross-faction relationships. I was very dismayed today to hear about the bad experience my wife and mother had with a very rude Res agent and how that prompted further bad actions on both sides. I don't believe this is the type of behavior our community needs and hope everyone regrets their actions. Let's be competitive but also play nice, eh?

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Woohoo how long can I keep it going?

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Cross faction patch order form
Could be a nice reward at FS events :)
please re-share

I know we have a Mission Day coming up in Macon toward the end of the summer but wanted to see what kind d of interest there might be for one a bit closer. I'm thinking Carrollton, same place as we had the last First Saturday.

If enough people are interested in attending I'll start speaking with the city.
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