Dear Emitrom community, we are happy to announce the Integra 1.0 GA.

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The time has come, folks.  Get the  #Integra  beta today.

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We've been heads down working on #Integra  and expect to keep our offer of delivering 1.0 (beta) before the end of the year.  Our website is being overhauled as we speak to focus on our new project, so expect those changes very soon.

Integra is an Automation Architect's (see #DOES14  slide attached) dream come true: automating your IT infrastructure can now take place with a few drag and drop operations. Things can run in parallel, in sequence, rollback on failure, run on demand or in a schedule... and what's more important is that any IT-vetted workflow can be exposed and consumed from your mobile device.

Integra has a CLI, a REST API, SDKs in 7 languages, a vCenter plugin and a Mobile UI for the self-service portal.  We're also making our pricing structure as simple as possible so you can focus on what's important and not spend your time scrutinizing CPUs, memory, VMs, connections, agents, and other BS minutiae.

Watch this space for the beta-release announcement.


Here is a sneak peak of #Integra talking to #xenserver 1.0 will come to life later in the year. Check it!!

Hi everybody... the purge is close to being done.  You'll notice all of our GWT-based products are no longer listed in this community.  Please see my previous post (from August 5th) if you are wondering what happened.

I leave you with a name that we hope will resonate in your minds in the months to come: Integra

Enough said  :-)

Dear Emitrom community, several years ago a few good folks embarked on a fun journey to bring Java frameworks where we saw a lack of them.  Namely in the web and mobile web, Flash, and fairly recently in the canvas spaces.  It was a terrific ride, but it is time for Emitrom to move on and follow a different path.  We want to thank you and everybody else who made the frameworks a reality.

As we step back, we also are happy to announce that development for all of the frameworks will transition over officially to +Ahomé Innovation Technologies where you can continue to contribute and obtain support.  We encourage you to contact the folks over at Ahomé directly for any future questions about Lienzo, Pilot, Flash4j, Touch4j, and Titanium4j.  Our goal is to have everything related to those tools transitioned over in the next few weeks.

Emitrom proper will shift focus to a new and exciting enterprise IT software product.  Watch this space for news and announcements related to our new project.

Cheers to all.

The Emitrom Team

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Just released  the first beta version of Ext4j.
If you are looking for a powerful UI library for you GWT project try Ext4j.

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We are happy to announce the move of Lienzo to github!

The documentation for the project has also been moved and can now be found under:

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Hey everybody, while we were celebrating Thanksgiving in the US, +Alain Ekambi  updated both Pilot and Touch4j to match the current versions of both Cordova and Touch.  Check it out:

Touch4j is now under maven central!

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