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Finding Keewee
Heidi Purnama, Division 1, 5th grade

It was a summer evening and I was with my friend and family. My friend and I were outside of a curry restaurant, waiting for our food to arrive and running around. We heard chirping coming from nearby. We took a peek under the car, and a bright red and lime green creature stared back at us with its beady black eyes. 

My legs quivered with excitement as I sprinted back with my friend into the restaurant. My mom was sitting peacefully, talking with my dad and I barged in their conversation, wheezing for a breath and trying to choke out the words. I couldn’t even believe what I was saying. There was a rare-looking parakeet. That seemed like it came from a really fancy place. My parents looked at me in disbelief
My mom gaped as I rushed out to check if the bird was still there. But this time, I nearly trampled over it if it weren’t for my friend's warning and the bird’s ear-piercing shriek. I stumbled forward and our waitress came running out too, after a few minutes of observing us. She said she used to be a bird trainer, and she lured the bird into a big brown bag. The waitress cut holes in it to make sure the bird could breathe, then stapled it shut right after. The waitress described that this bird was a rare lovebird that lives in Australia, They won’t be able to survive on their own, especially since it was winter. It also seemed like it did not have an owner. I held my breath, wondering what would happen to it.

 She had clearly stated that the bird had no owner and so that meant might be able to keep it! My parents looked at me from inside the restaurant like they didn’t know me. I was dancing with friend on the sidewalk. I bounded inside the restaurant to see that our food had arrived. I explained to my parents what had happened, their eyes growing wider and wider as the words tumbled out of my mouth. I pleaded them to let us keep it. My mom, not really a pet lover, glanced at my dad, and then nodded. My friend and I immediately started thinking of names. We decided to name her Keewee. It was a miracle. The next day we bought a cage, food, and toys. My family met with the waitress who handed Keewee to us in a kennel. 

This my best experience because I got a pet for free. I was super astonished that I would actually get a pet, because my parents don’t really have time. I adore Keewee because she chirps every time someone passes her always alert. She rummages through her food bowl, only cracking sunflower seeds. She is a one of a kind bird and you can’t find a bird as funny and cute as Keewee. She is my best pet friend and I love her to death.

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