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welcome! remember, this is supposed to be a fun community! so, have fun, and spread the word! invite all your shipper friends! 

and also be sure to follow the few rules I have. I don't like setting 20 rules, so please don't let it come to that.
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This is no joke.
The people saying its fake
Are liars its true

Anyone a Maximum Ride fan?

um ok so does anyone else ship Teresa and Frypan from the Maze Runner? Because that is like my biggest ship

Ok so I just want to point something out in the ship Jackunzel. RAPUNZEL IS ALREADY MARRIED TO EUGENE SO WHY DO PEOPLE SHIP HER WITH JACK FROST?!?!?!?! Sorry, I had to let that out

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I ship jelsa, ((I don't have anything against jackunzel)) kristanna, peeta and Katniss, tris and four. What do you ship?

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Hehe you probably guessed that I would post this at one point....(it's not my picture so I take no credit for it!!!)
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