Any best practice advice on how to incorporate a stepper motor into a FEM?
I don't really need all the details...

I was thinking about a CM element, a couple of Ks to capture stiffness...
Just curious how one would approach this...

The trouble really is that the motor has not been chosen yet...


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SUBJECT:  FEMAP v11.2 is available for Download
Dear FEMAP Customer:
We are pleased to inform you that FEMAP v11.2 has been released. FEMAP v11.2 DVDs will be shipped shortly to FEMAP Maintenance Customers.  FEMAP v11.2 is also available for download from the GTAC download server, in the "FEMAP – Full Product Releases" section.

FEMAP v11.2 contains numerous new features and several important bug fixes.

FEMAP v11.2 is the latest user-focused release of FEMAP containing many features and enhancements requested by our users worldwide.  This latest version introduces numerous new geometry modeling and modification tools designed to increase efficiency related to the mid-surfacing process popular with FEMAP users.  New functionality for organizing output data into studies has also been added, providing better organization of model output data, as well as quick single-click access to post-processing envelopes and multi-set animations.  On the Post-Processing side, Freebody displays have been enhanced with a new “dynamic” option where one can move a cut plane, interactively visualizing load transfer across the mesh of your model.  Finally, our class-leading OpenGL 4.2 Performance Graphics architecture has been expanded to include support for an even wider range of entity types, allowing users to create even more complicated models.  
   Complete details of the new features and bug fixes in FEMAP v11.2 (as well as all releases back to v10.0) can be found in the /pdf/readme.pdf file that is installed with FEMAP v11.2.  
   Thank you for your ongoing support of the FEMAP product.
   The FEMAP Team

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