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Name-Neo Rose



Weapon-crimson raider


Semblance-he can turn himself into any grim at will

Powers and Abilities-Ruby's main weapon in combat is her scythe, Crescent Rose, which she designed herself, as all students at Signal do. Her weapon is a combination of a scythe and a high-powered rifle, which causes a large amount of recoil when fired. Ruby uses the recoil from Crescent Rose's shots to augment the speed and force of her strikes.[2] However, she is also able to spin Crescent Rose with exemplary skill and power without the recoil, often executing chain attacks with this technique.

Even without the use of special abilities, Crescent Rose is incredibly sharp. In "The First Step, Pt.2," Ruby was able to cleanly slice through a large tree with a single, non-recoil-augmented blow, causing the tree to fall. She also uses the weapon itself as a platform from which to attack, shown when Ruby laid down completely on the handle of Crescent Rose while firing at opponents. Sometimes when she plans to fire the rifle from a stationary position, she twirls Crescent Rose's scythe tip into the ground to give her a monopod for stability and a way to absorb the recoil that would otherwise cause Ruby to be thown backwards.

Ruby carries two kinds of ammunition with her: unmarked and Cross Clips. The unmarked magazines will fire off a high-caliber bullet with a white muzzle flash. Cross Clips (technically magazines), on the other hand, give off a black muzzle flash and are shown to have significantly greater power than the unmarked magazines. This lends her even more speed and power. With Cross Clips, Ruby is able to use Crescent Rose to propel herself with extraordinary speed before rotating herself axially in midair to execute a devastating spinning slash attack.

To add to her already impressive battle prowess, Ruby's Semblance is speed, as stated by Pyrrha Nikos. Because of her Semblance, she is able to move from place to place so quickly that that she appears to be teleporting, as she seems to materialize out of nowhere. She does so to avoid the first Beowolf's lunge in the "Red" Trailer, and later shows it to Weiss during a conversation in the Emerald Forest. In "Best Day Ever," Ruby was shown using her speed to great effect, as creating a powerful whirlwind that blew away not only Team JNPR, but also most of the loose objects in the room, slamming them all against the cafeteria wall, causing it to shatter and form a crater.

However, Ruby doesn't seem to have full control of this ability or is only able to use it when concentrating, as she didn't use it when being chased by the Death Stalker in "Players and Pieces," leading to her being pinned by the Nevermore's feather. Whenever she uses her Semblance, she leaves a cloud of rose petals in her wake that quickly dissipates. It is unknown what causes this, but these rose petals are not merely symbolic and can be perceived by others, as shown by Weiss who once waved her hands trying to brush them away.

Additionally, in "A Minor Hiccup," she had difficulty stopping. This may have been due to her carrying Penny and not being used to controlling her powers whilst carrying a heavy load equal to or greater to her body weight.

Ruby has enhanced endurance, showing no signs of fatigue in battle at all. In "The Emerald Forest," Weiss and Ruby are forced to retreat from a pack of Beowolves, and when battling the Nevermore, she showed no signs of fatigue. After running a certain distance to safety, Ruby shows no signs of weariness, while Weiss is seen trying to catch her breath. Her endurance is also seen after the battle with the Nevermore, where she is aided by Yang, Blake, and Weiss in defeating the large Grimm by dragging it up a cliff and beheading it; upon landing, she doesn't appear to be exhausted in the slightest. However, despite her endurance, in "Search and Destroy," Ruby is seen to be exhausted after fighting several groups of Beowolves, but this could've been due to the fights having been one after another, possibly having no break.

Ruby also seems capable of jumping extraordinary heights, even without her weapon's recoil. In her confrontation with the Beowolves, she jumped several meters into the sky (augmented with her Semblance) and took a couple seconds to return to the ground. Later in her first skirmish with Torchwick, she dodged his cane's explosive flare by jumping unaided several times her height into the air.

Ruby is not without weakness however. In contrast to her sister, Ruby's hand-to-hand capabilities are rather poor; in "Mountain Glenn," after losing Crescent Rose when a section of the ground collapsed underneath her, she was easily defeated by a nameless White Fang soldier despite attempting to fight back, ignoring her first punch, blocking her second and knocking her unconscious without much of a struggle. Later on, in "No Brakes," she is unable to land even a single unarmed hit on Roman. These incidents show that, for all her amazing skill, Ruby is still a child two years younger than her peers. Her body is likely not as strong as her comrades, and thus she has less natural strength than they do.

Outside of combat, Ruby is skilled in machinery. Crescent Rose is the best example of this, as her scythe is a weapon of her own creation. Of course, her ability to analyze and make plans is the skill which landed her the position of leader in the first place.

Origin world-hollow bastion (radient garden)

Partners in combat-looking

Good or evil-good

Light or darkness-both


Family-ruby rose (mom) and unknown father (blue picture)

Likes:to fight for whats right


Bio-I was raised at hollow bastion as a human fawn hybrid and had no father since he left us when i was born.our world was taken when i was 9 so i had to grow up fast to defend ruby my mom from heartless since she lost her will to fight.i have joined The restoration committee to help out.
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Here is my OC Jess
Jess is Kairi's Cousin on Mom side 
She too used to live in Radiant Gardens 
but when it began to fall to darkness she ran off holding only regret 
at age 5 she begins training with Vincent Valentine to be a guns-maid
During the 1st game she is on a trip to Traverse Town and Sees Sora but dosn't pay much attention to him. Fights Heartless and also falls into the dark (aka Corridors) and during COM trys to find her way out 
kh2 just starts learning to use a rapier.
kh ddd
she learns she can weild the Keyblade...
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