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#WordPress website design and promotions for this Art show coming up next month in Mesa Arizona. Take a look for more!

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Happy Birthday to Dale Chihuly the famous glass artist from Tacoma, Washington. Born September 20th 1941, his works are considered unique to the field of blown glass.

His work changed dramatically when he was blinded in one eye and dislocated his shoulder. No longer able to hold the glass blowing pipe, he hired others to do the work - of course under his vision and supervision.

His team work approach to glass blowing has been the foundation to his success.

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Here are a few of the strengths and challenges Artists face. Though these might not be true for everyone, you may find one or even all of these that you relate to.

"You stare and the blank canvas or paper (and for digital designers – the computer screen) and see nothing. You look at your files of inspiration and everything comes back flat and blank. It’s as if you don’t care. You lost your energy and drive to see something new and fresh. Your frustrated, you feel like giving up."

What to do?
How to overcome a creative block...

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Putting together an art show? Check out this website for  ideas on promoting your art show.
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