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Please Watch Enjoy and share 👇 Dance performance

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FREE TRAINING: Learn How To Breakdance With These 3 Hacks Even If You Have No Rhythm
Reserve your spot here:
Are you scared of dancing in public?
Want to feel confident in the dance floor?
Do you feel like you're either too young or too old to start breakdancing?
Are you tired of missing outon the fun because you're afraid you have no rhythm?
Then you're going to love my FREE live training: The Beginner's Guide To Breakdance.
I'm going to be covering:
3 hacks that makes breaking ridiculously easy. It's how I've gotten dancers from 6-40+ years old how to breakdance
*5 moves to start practicing and showing off to friends
*1 routine showing you how to put it all together so you look natural when you do the moves
*Tips in how to improve faster
Save your spot now: I've had the honor of teaching dancers of all ages, sizes, and experience for over 6 years. Through all those years teaching, I've noticed patterns in how people learn and I've figured out how to teach anyone how to breakdance.
This includes CEOs of companies, students looking to book commercials to my fiancée learning so we can enter a battle as a date.
Take advantage of this where I teach you everything you need to know to get started.
Just click on the link below to register!

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Ever wanted to learn how to breakdance but felt like you didn't have rhythm, coordination, or were just afraid of dancing in public? Join my FREE online workshop to learn some dope moves and routines!

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If you know anyone who's afraid of dancing in public, tired of being told they have "white boy" moves, are feel they don't have rhythm, and would like to learn how to breakdance.

They'll love my FREE live training in the beginners guide to breaking. 

Here's the link to register:

I've been breaking for over 10 years and teaching for over 6. I know learning a new skill and breaking through that fear can take time, which is exactly why I'm giving the training for free. 

I'll be teaching:

•4 moves you can learn to show off to friends
•1 routine showing you how to put it all together
•8 tips in how to get better faster
•The 3 phases you must go through in improving your confidence.

If this sounds awesome, here's the link to register and reserve your spot.

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Royalty Sangre Azul | UDM | Urban Dance Movement | Messenger Mag | 2015

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Legion G 2do Lugar | UDM | Urban Dance Movement | Messenger Mag | 2015

Here are two badass moves to help beginning break dancers improve their endurance, speed, and strength.

Check out the rest of the video here:

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Being able to freestyle is a matter of recalling the moves at the moment you need it. This is why simple routines like this one are so powerful in giving students a guideline to work with.
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