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Toy Fair 2013 is going on from February 10th through 13th - We can't be there but we are going to do a special Collectors Hangout focused on toys but we'll talk also about any other collectible items that you might have!

Come join us and show the toys that you have from your childhood or that you remember playing with. If you have collectible toys to sell, come showcase them on the show!

If you are one of the following, +Collectors Hangout is for you!
 - A collector
 - A seller of collectibles and antiques
 - A picker
 - An artisan or creator of collectible items
 - An appraiser of collectibles or antiques

Come share with us your collections and why you collect what you do. Come tell us what you as a seller of collectibles or antiques have to offer this week. Come show us your latest creations that are for sale. Our show is here to serve you!

+Collectors Hangout is a weekly (every Tuesday 8pm-9pm EST / 5pm-6pm PST) Hangout On Air (HOA) show that brings together collectors, sellers, artisans, and appraisers. Our aim is to help collectors find pieces to add to their collection, help sellers to connect to a larger audience of potential buyers, and help all to have a better appreciation for collections of all kinds by guest hosting appraisers and artisans on a regular basis.

- The HOA video will be added above when the show goes live. You can watch it later or join our live discussion here in the Event. Please add your comments and we'll try to address them live on air.

- To showcase items you'd like to sell or to let our network of collectors and sellers know what you are looking to buy, circle +Collectors Hangout so we can send you an invite!

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