Hello - I'm preparing to present WeVideo & video editing at a conference and the application is asking for "supporting research." I've been collecting some references, but does anyone have any great links supporting the use of video creation in the classroom? Thanks!

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Students film a simultaneous concert with ctl devices and then edit a music video with WeVideo


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Pinecrest Academy of NV Career week guests over video conferencing and edited with WeVideo :)


Admin Question: deprovisioned user accounts?

Hello all - I'm about to remove all of my graduating seniors from WeVideo to make those licenses available for our other students/staff.

In the past, when I deleted a user, I was prompted if I wanted to convert that user to a free/personal account. But, when I just did a test delete now, I don't see that window pop up (pretty nifty though how they added the "right to be forgotten.")

Do these deleted accounts still get reverted to a free account as they did in the past or do they now disappear for good? I have no interest in keeping their content, just don't want them all freaking out that they lost everything.

If they do lose everything, I'll just tell them ahead of time to download anything they want to keep.

Thanks again!

5th graders were inspired to action and created PSA's to protect endangered animals and the world we live in. They would love to hear feedback from other students about their work. Please share with your students! Thanks!

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All appears to be working now after calls to Google and calls to WeVideo. Thanks for all the suggestions!
I have a class using WeVideo with chromebooks and we are unable to use the internal webcam. Has anyone else had this problem? The webcam work with other applications, just not wevideo.


I have a class that is using WeVideo but we are unable to use the webcam. We are able to use the microphone to create voiceovers. The webcam works with other apps, just not WeVideo. How can we fix this problem? Thanks!

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Invite your students to submit films to the Third Civic Life Youth Film Challenge. Get info at www.youthfilmchallenge.com. Cash prizes totaling $5,000.

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Tutorial desing kalender in hp android Cek in video Like & subscribe

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