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Alright everyone, this community has some simple rules that are as easy to follow as making a cup of coffee. So follow them or there will be consequences.

•You can only post about your fanfictions but if you want to rp I have another community for that.

•No swearing or cursing in your fanfictions unless you use the minor word "damn".

•Be respectful to others in this community.

•No spam

•You are allowed to use only one character from the books in your fanfictions.

•If you don't have the time to type your whole fanfiction you xan make different parts for it.

•You can also maje videos for your fanfictions such as amv's, MAP's and animations.

•You can even post artwork for your fanfiction if it was requested, commissioned or drawn by you.

•If you are gonna use someone else's character in your fanfiction then you will need their permission.

•If you get three strikes for going againstthe rules you will be banned from the community.

•Your strikes will start off with a warning, then the second strike is a temporary banishment, then the third strike is a permanent ban.

•You cannot use someone else's artwork unless you ask that person for a request or commission for your fanfiction.

This is it for all of the rules.
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