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adding a new modern section cosplay videos are perfect to explain it it will have much more in the comments will be examples 
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Name Ellen Angel
Age 13
Gender girl
Profession Ciel guardian angle
Likes books secret passage ways winning
Dislikes killers criminal
Bio I was always the Angle of Ciel I wish I helped him not lead this fate but he has and Sebastian always been shooing me off thinking I will purify him but no I want to help him

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//I would like it if some one would kindly join.
Ciel sat at the cafe sipping tea his legs crossed his chair was slightly tipped back at looked behind him was a street roar (still carriages) he watched as people walked by then looked back he had his hood on and his dog tags on that said who he was //ask first//

hi im new and can u all help me with the sign ups

Name: Undertaker
Race: Grim Ripper
Gender: Male 
Age: ???
Personality: Quite confusing actually Hehehe 
Job: Works at a casket shop and gives information to Ciel with a price of a joke.
Likes: Dead people, Salt, Jokes, Riddles

Alois stayed in the guest room oh the phantomhive Manor it was weird there was no Sebastian around, well to Ciel it was weird, he had nothing planned for the week and the same went for alois he layed on his side his eyes closed tight mumbling in his sleep his room door slowly opened as you crept in
+Mαкα Aℓвαяи 
+Aʟσιѕ Tяaиcy 

Name: Aloia Trancy
Age: 14
Gender: female
Sexually: Straight
Likes: Cake, tea, The Triplets, Ciel, Alois (big Brother), Luka (little brother), and Claude
Dislikes: Hannah
Bio: When I was 8 years old I ran away from Trancy manor, because my mother and father disliked me. When I came back, I found out that my little brother Luka died by the hands of Hannah. Ever since then, Claude, Hannah, and The Triplets have been protecting me and Alois.

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Name: Elizabeth Midford



Rank: lady of the Midford house

Relations: ciels fiancee

Likes:pretty things and dressing up ciel and ciel of course

Dislikes: when ciel is mean to me

Bio: hi there i am Lady midford if you dont know who i am hehe. I am betrothed to lord phantomhive from birth we are cousins too. Im a perky little girl that loves cute things i once covered the whole pahntomhive manor in glitter and pink ribbon and also dressed up his servants it was the cutest thing i have ever seen.
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+Ciel Phantomhive Of The Phantomhive Manor-​​ i have a question why did you invite me when you know im am bassy's daughter

Can I be the Undertaker?
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